Three Removed from Community Meeting to Be Summonsed to Court

Last night on June 2, 2011, Boston Police officers were assigned to the Curley School in Jamaica Plain for a community meeting that was taking place to discuss the opening of a Whole Foods Supermarket to replace the Hi-Lo Foods Supermarket.

Several hundred people attended the meeting which began at approximately 7:00pm. During the course of the meeting, officers intervened several times in an effort to calm participants and the meeting was able to continue.  At some point during the meeting, officers became aware that two participants of the meeting had gained access to a non-authorized part of the auditorium and unfurled a large sign which caused a disturbance amongst the people in the crowd.

The two individuals were approached by officers, removed from the auditorium and transported to District E-13. Shortly after removing these two individuals from the stadium, officers returned to the stadium and noticed a group of individuals all wearing similar t-shirts who appeared to be walking back and forth up the center aisle to the microphone. Officers specifically reminded one member of this group about how this conduct was creating a disturbance but he continued to persist.  After repeatedly having to direct this individual, officers removed him from the auditorium and he too was transported to District E-13.

The three individuals (a 22 year old male, a 49 year old male and a 27 year old female) removed from the auditorium, once properly identified at the district station were released to be summonsed to court. Two of the three will be charged with Trespassing and Disturbing a Public Assembly while the third will be charged with Disturbing a Public Assembly.

Ultimately officers deemed it appropriate to discontinue the meeting concerned about the ability to maintain a peaceful environment for the safety of all in attendance.