Vigilance Result in the Arrests of Several Attempted Stabbing Suspects

Yesterday afternoon, officers from District D-4 (South End) arrested suspects, Dominic Douglas, 19 of Roxbury, Michael A. Campbell, 18 of Roxbury, London C. Lee, 18 of Roxbury and a 16 year-old male juvenile from Roxbury and charged them with Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon. In addition, the 16 year old suspect was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B Drugs. An officer was operating an unmarked cruiser in the area of 801 Tremont Street when he observed an individual ducking behind a parked car. The officer’s attention being drawn to this individual, turned around and to further investigate and as he did so, observed another vehicle pull up to the car that the suspect was ducking behind and two occupants of the car get out and start chasing the male that was ducking behind the car. One of these individuals was clearly armed with a knife which was visibly open as he chased and his companion chased the other male.

The officer broadcast his observations to Operations and requested the assistance of other units as he followed the two males who were chasing the apparent victim with a knife.  The victim made good his escape from the apparent suspects at which time they returned to the car, got it and started driving away. The officer followed the car to Douglas Park where they pulled to the curb. There, the officer blocked the car in until other officers arrived.

The occupants of the car were all removed, one of whom was observed hiding a knife in his pocket as officers approached. After all the occupants were removed from the car, two knives were recovered from them. The male juvenile suspect was found to have more than 40 plastic bags of crack cocaine on his person during booking and was additionally charged with that offense.