Another Gun Taken Off the Streets

Last night around 9:43PM, officers from the Youth Violence Strike Force (gang Unit) arrested suspect, John Singleton, 49 of Haverhill and charged him with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition and Carrying a Loaded Firearm. Officers were on random patrol in the area of Harold and Holworthy Streets when they observed a group of individuals hanging out in front of 45 Holworthy Street.  Officers, being aware of some ongoing firearm related issues in the area and based on past interactions with groups in the area approached the group to conduct an investigation.  The front of the building having clearly posted “No Trespassing” asked if anyone in the group lived in the building. No one in the group answered officers’ questions. Officers quickly assessed the group and noted that they had interacted with most of the group in the past.  Officers, after quickly surveying the group, realized that some of the members of the group had prior firearm charges and so decided to conduct pat frisk of the group.

An officer started pat frisking the suspect when he was distracted by another member of the group.  Officers noted that this individual was trying to divert officers’ attention from the suspect and so another officer directed his attention to the suspect.  The suspect, at that time, told the second officer that he had already been pat frisked and attempted to distance himself from the officer. In addition to this diversionary tactic, officer also noticed that the suspect engaged in several physical movements indicative of an armed suspect.

Officers pat frisked the suspect and clearly detected the feel of something consistent with a firearm.  Officers, at the same time, noticed a sock protruding from the suspect’s waistband. Officers knowing that individuals often use socks to secret firearm, lifted the suspect’s shirt and confirmed that he was indeed in possession of a loaded firearm. The suspect was then placed under arrest and charged with the above offenses.