29 Dean Street Stolen Car Incident

Yesterday morning around 11:00AM, officers from the Governor’s Auto Theft Task Force (GATSF) were in the Rockland and Wakullah Street area when they saw a stolen unattended car. Officers from the GATSF radioed for additional units in order to maintain surveillance on the car and stop it in the event a suspect got in the car.  A short while after calling for help and prior to the arrival of additional units, the officer from the GATSF observed a suspect get in the car and start to drive away. The officer followed the car from a distance but lost sight of the car in the Blue Hill Ave. and Moreland Street area. Officers, after a brief search of the area, again located the car parked and unattended. Officers again set up surveillance on the car and after a few minutes later, they again observed a suspect get in the car and drive off. Officers again followed the car from a distance as they attempted to radio other cars in order to safely stop it.  At the intersection of Dudley and West Cottage Streets, officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop of the car.  The car momentarily came to a stop and as an officer approached the car, the car suddenly sped up in the direction of the officer and bumped the officer forcing him to the side. The car then took off in an effort to evade officers and in the process struck two occupied cars causing damage but no injuries. Officers followed the car from a safe distance and again lost sight of the car as it continued down West Cottage St. to Brook Avenue.

Numerous police officers responded to the area and after a search located the car parked and unattended in the rear parking lot of 29 Dean Street.  A canine officer responded to this location and with the assistance of the dog located the suspect hiding underneath the rear porch of 29 Dean Street.

The suspect, Misael Fuentes, 23 of Boston was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle, Leaving the Scene of an accident Resulting in Property Damage, Failure to Stop for Police Officers, Operating a Motor Vehicle without Being Licensed and Possession of Burglarious Tools for items found in his backpack.