Significant Warrant Sweep Targets 31 ‘Impact Players’ from City Streets Violence Reduction Efforts City-wide Continue

WHO: Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley, Boston Police Commissioner

Edward Davis, Boston Police Command Staff

WHAT: District Attorney Conley and Commissioner Davis will be available to discuss ongoing violence reduction efforts in the city. Commissioner Davis will detail efforts made by the D-4 Drug Control Unit, the Youth Violence Strike Force, D-4 officers, the Boston Housing police, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and the United States Attorney’s Office, who collaborated on a strategic investigation over the course of several months to remove violent predators from the area surrounding Lenox Street. The effort known as “Operation Tanglewood” was initiated in response to community concerns of drug dealing being conducted by known gang members and their associates.

The strategic operation utilized methodical investigative tactics to combat street-level drug dealing. As a result of several months of investigative efforts, last evening officers executed a significant warrant sweep target 31 dangerous individuals.

WHEN: TODAY June 22, 2011 at 11:30am

WHERE: Boston Police District D-4, 65 Harrison Avenue