Citizen Alert: Crime Summary for District C-6 (South Boston)

Robbery: CC# 110324657: On 6/21/11 @ 1:15PM at Dorchester St & Gold St, an adult male and an adult female were arrested for Armed Robbery.

CC# 110317852: On 6/18/11 @ 12:07AM at the garage at 12 Drydock Ave, victim reported he was approached by a 20 year-old white male, 5’9”, 190 lbs, muscular build and a 20 year-old black male, 6’1” 220 lbs who stated, “Give me the keys to your car.”  The victim was assaulted but did not relinquish the keys.

CC# 110317577: On 6/15/11 @ 11:30PM at E St & Athens St, victim reported that a black male, 5’10”, 170 lbs, wearing a Bruins jersey attempted to steal her purse.  Victim was assaulted and knocked to the ground.  Report filed on 6/17/11.

Aggravated Assault:

CC# 110319916: On 6/18/11 @ 11:48PM at Hess Gas 151 Old Colony Ave, victim reported that a white male, 30-40 years old,  5’4” – 5’5”, 140 – 150 lbs, blonde hair, accused him of cutting the line to pay the cashier.  The suspect displayed a knife and stabbed the victim in the stomach. 

Residential B&E:

CC# 110329258:  On 6/23/11 between 4:30PM & 7:30PM on Ellery Street, victim reported that the apartment door was forced and a Toshiba 42” LCD TV and HP laptop were stolen.

CC# 110321470:  Between 6/17/11 & 6/19/11 on W Broadway between Dorchester & A Street, victim reported that a Sharp LCD TV, PS3, X-box, DVD’s, and headphones were stolen.  Pry mark observed on door. 

Commercial B&E:

CC# 110321639: On 6/19/11 @ 11:41PM at Gulf Gas 57 L Street, witness reported that a white male , 45 years of age, 5’11”, wearing a dark gray or green t-shirt and  blue shorts smashed the door window with a brick and then stole cigarettes and scratch tickets.  Suspect fled scene on a bike on E 3rd Street towards K Street.

CC# 110318317: Between 6/17/11 & 6/18/11 at Clancy Bros Pest Control 544 Dorchester Ave, victim reported that entry was gained through the rear door.  No property reported stolen.


CC# 110326174:  Between 6/21/11 & 6/22/11 at BSC Group 15 Elkins Street, victim reported that 2 work trucks were broken into and assorted surveying equipment was stolen.

CC# 110325351: On 6/12/11 between 9:00PM & 10:30PM at 750 E 7th Street, victim reported that a window was smashed and a Garmin GPS, camera, and video camera were stolen.

CC# 110323738:  Between 6/20/11 8:30PM & 6/21/11 12:20AM at 191 Old Colony Ave, victim reported that a window was smashed and a I-pod and clothing were stolen.

CC# 110321986: Between 6/17/11 & 6/20/11 at Lopez House of Stone 314 C Street, victim reported that a window was smashed and a Tom-Tom GPS, Makita grinder, Kawasaki blow torch and Skill saw were stolen from the work trucks.