Suspect Arrested for Stealing from Shopping Cart

Yesterday afternoon around 3:355PM, an officers from District C-6 (South Boston) arrested suspect, Christine Peguero, 24 of Mattapan and charged her with Larceny  from a Person. Officers were on patrol in the South Bay when they were informed by mall security that a person was being held in custody at Stop & Shop for stealing money out of another customer’s handbag.  Officers responded there and spoke to the victim who reported that she was shopping in the paper towel section when the suspect approached her and asked her a question.  The victim stated that she had just retrieved some coupons from her bag which was in the shopping carriage when the suspect positioned her body between the victim and her carriage.  The victim became suspicious when the suspect walked away and left her carriage and so checked her bag and saw that she was missing $75 was missing from her purse. The victim then approached the victim and asked her to give her back her money but the suspect replied, “I don’t know what you are talking about!”

The victim followed the suspect throughout the store asking store employees for help. The suspect then exited the store and was observed placing something under a potted plant. The victim followed the victim outside but did not observe the suspect do this. Store security was alerted and came outside where the suspect continued to deny knowing anything about the victim’s allegations. Store security was then informed by the witness of his observations and a check underneath the plant revealed $75 and several coupons. The suspect continued to deny any involvement in the incident until informed that the incident may have been captured on store surveillance at which time she admitted involvement stating, “Yeah, I did it.”

The suspect at that time was placed under arrest and transported to District C-6 where she was charged with the above offenses.