Community Complaints Leads to Recovery of Guns and Drugs and Arrests of Four Suspects

Last night members of the District B-3 (Mattapan) Drug Control Unit arrested several suspects for drug and gun related charges at 19 Irma Street. Suspect, Andre Malabre, 22 of Mattapan was arrested and charged with Distribution of Class B, Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B Drugs, Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D Drugs, and Possession of Class D. Officers additionally arrested suspects, Justin Haynes, 27 of Mattapan, Roosevelt R. Thornton, 22 of Roxbury, and Richard Griffiths, 20 of Brockton and charged them with Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition. The arrests of these suspects stemmed from numerous complaints from community members about drug activity in the area of Arbutus and Irma streets. As a result of these complaints, officers initiated an investigation commencing with surveillance of the area yesterday evening. While conducting surveillance, officers observed a person whose behavior was consistent with that of a person looking for drugs. Officers continued to watch this individual and watched her walk down Arbutus St. and eventually meet with suspect, Malabre. After some maneuvering, officers observed suspect Malabre engage in a hand to hand exchange with this individual.

After observing this hand to hand exchange, officers stopped the buyer and recovered the drugs that had just been purchased confirming their observations. Once their observations were confirmed, officers then returned and observed the suspect in front of 19Irma Street. Officers approached Malabre in front of 19 Irma St. and placed him under arrest. While placing the suspect Malabre under arrest, officers observed suspect Thornton with two other males on the porch of 19 Irma Street stand up and clutch his groin area. Offices knowing that suspects often times hide firearms in their groin area and conducted a pat frisk of the suspect, Thornton. Having felt something consistent with a firearm during the frisk, suspect Thornton stated to officers, “That’s just my keys!” Further search however resulted in the recovery of a loaded firearm from suspect Thornton’s groin area. Based on the circumstances, officers requested additional units to respond to their location to further investigate the other individuals on the porch. Officers then conducted a pat frisk of suspect Griffith who was still also on the porch. Pat frisk of suspect Griffith revealed him to be in possession of a large plastic bag containing 11 individually wrapped plastic from his front pants’ pocket. The third male, Haynes was pat frisked and a plastic bag containing marijuana found on his person.

After all suspects had been frisked, officers frisked the area of the porch where they had been seated and recovered another loaded handgun hidden in a speaker. Suspects, Griffith and Haynes then were arrested and charged with charges related to the gun as they were both in the area that the gun was recovered.