Suspect Arrested for Armed Traffic Enforcement

About 8:11AM, officers from District E-5 (West Roxbury) responded to a radio call for a person with a gun at LaGrange and Pender Streets. En route, officers were redirected to the location of the victim, a food delivery driver.  On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who told officers that a male suspect pointed a gun at him and told him to “stay out of my neighborhood.” The victim reported that he was en route to make a delivery when he first saw the suspect glaring at him as he passed him on Pender Street. The victim continued on his way and made his delivery and en route back to the restaurant again while on Lagrange St. the suspect pulled up next to him in a dark colored car. The victim reported that the suspect then stated to him, “Why are you driving through my neighborhood like that? There are kids in my neighborhood!”  The victim told officers that he responded that he would not jeopardize any children’s safety since he has children of his own and also knowing that he had not been driving in a negligent or reckless manner that would cause harm to any children. The victim then reported that the suspect yelled out to him, “Cut through my neighborhood like that again, and I’m going to take your car! Stay out of my neighborhood!” The victim reported to officers that as the suspect was yelling at him through the car window, he pulled out a black colored handgun and pointed it at the victim.

The victim then reported that he left the area after having the gun pointed at him and returned to his restaurant where he called 911. Officers returned to the area after being provided a description of the suspect and his car and were able to find a car matching the suspect’s at the corner of Pender and LaGrange Streets. Shortly after finding the car, officers were approached by the suspect who informed officers that he had a license to carry a firearm. The victim was returned to the scene and positively identified the suspect and his car. After the suspect was placed under arrest, officers responded to his house and there recovered three (3) firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.  In addition to the ammunition and firearms, officers also seized the suspect’s License to Carry.

The suspect, Robert M. MacCormack, 32 of West Roxbury was arrested and charged with Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon and Improper Storage of a Firearm.