Officer Kenneally Talks to the BPD's Gaelic Column - Check Out YouTube Video

People often ask, "Do you have a favorite show?" And, let me tell you, hands down, the show we do with the BPD's Gaelic Column is not only our best, but it is easily my favorite. I love this show for so many reasons but mainly because it highlights the talent, kindness and compassion of the band we affectionately call the "Pipes & Drums". Every St. Patrick's Day the band starts off their holiday with a trip to the Franciscan Hospital for Children. It's their way of spreading St. Patrick's cheer to a group of kids looking for a reason to be cheerful. As you're about to see in the video taken of the occassion, the looks and expressions on the faces of the children tell the story. Clearly, they're happy to see the band, and the band, as told to me by Pipe Major Joe Cheevers, couldn't be happier to see and play for them.  Respectfully submitted, Officer James 'Jamie' Kenneally.

Call the Cops:

Welcome to the department’s weekly cable show where each week officer Jamie Kenneally hosts an informative and entertaining discussion on the latest public safety news and happenings in the Boston Police Department.Each week, community members can receive safety tips and a recap of weekly events. We also try to use this opportunity to feature a specific unit within the department for people at home. In part 1 of this video Jamie talks to Jim Barry, president of the Boston Police Gaelic Column