Mayor Menino Announces Bringing Home the Cup Rolling Rally Parade for the Boston Bruins

Today, Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced that the City of Boston will officially welcome home the victorious Boston Bruins and the Stanley Cup with a victory parade on Saturday beginning at 11:00 AM at the TD Garden and ending at Copley Square. “It is truly a great time to be a Boston sports fan!” Mayor Menino said. “Finally, after 39 years the Stanley Cup is coming home to Boston where it belongs. Through their hard work and dedication, this team embodies what our proud city stands for. We love our Bruins and want to show our appreciation for their hard-earned victory with a parade this Saturday. Let’s have fun and celebrate their impressive achievement!”

Beginning at the TD Garden on Causeway Street, the parade will once again feature duck boats and proceed along the following route:

Start on Causeway Street;

  • Left on Staniford Street;
  • Left on Cambridge Street;
  • Right on Tremont Street;
  • Right on Boylston Street;
  • End at Copley Square.

Parking restrictions across the city will be heavily enforced in the vicinity of the closed off parade route streets and fans are strongly encouraged to use public transportation. To accommodate the celebration, vehicular traffic will be banned along the parade route beginning at 9:00 AM until the conclusion of the parade at about 1:00 PM. 

“Boston Police will also have a significant presence along the parade route as part of a comprehensive strategy to ensure everyone’s safety and I encourage fans to continue making the city proud and honoring the Bruins by celebrating responsibly,” Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said.

Temporary parking restrictions will be put into effect at several locations throughout the city and vehicles parked in violation will be ticketed and/or towed. Temporary “Tow Zone No Stopping Boston Police Special Event Saturday” regulations will be posted at the following locations: 

  • Canal Street, from Causeway Street to New Chardon Street
  • Friend Street, from Causeway Street to New Chardon Street
  • Portland Street, from Merrimac Street to Causeway Street
  • Lancaster Street,  from Causeway Street to Merrimac Street
  • Merrimac Street , from Causeway Street to Lancaster Street
  • Causeway Street, from North Washington Street to Merrimac Street
  • Staniford Street, from Causeway Street to Cambridge Street
  • Cambridge Street, from Hancock Street to Tremont Street
  • Tremont Street, from Cambridge Street to Boylston Street
  • Boylston Street, from Washington Street to Dalton Street
  • New Chardon Street, from Cambridge Street to Merrimac Street
  • Bowdoin Street, from Cambridge Street to Derne Street
  • Somerset Street, from Cambridge Street to Ashburton Place
  • New Sudbury Street, from Cambridge Street to Bulfinch Place
  • Court Street, from Cambridge Street to Court Square
  • Beacon Street, from Tremont Street to Somerset Street
  • Bromfield Street, from Province Street to Tremont Street
  • Park Street, from Tremont Street to Beacon Street
  • Temple Place, from Tremont Street to Washington Street
  • West Street, from Tremont Street to Washington Street
  • Essex Street, from Tremont Street to Washington Street
  • Charles Street South, from Park Plaza to Center gate of Public Garden
  • Hadassah Way, from Boylston Street to Park Plaza
  • Berkeley Street, from St. James Avenue to Newbury Street
  • Clarendon Street, from Newbury Street to St. James Avenue
  • Dartmouth Street, from Boylston Street to Newbury Street
  • St. James Avenue, from Clarendon Street to Dartmouth Street

To protect the safety of residents and guests, the Boston Police Department may further restrict vehicle parking and limit vehicular and pedestrian access.


A DAY TO REMEMBERBoston Police Relief Association Memorial Service WHO: Police Commissioner Edward Davis, Superintendant-In-Chief Robert Dunford, Boston City Council President Michael Ross, Boston Police Relief Society Association President Stephen Green, Reverend John Connolly, Grand Rabbi Korff and the Boston Police Gaelic Column and Honor Guard. WHAT: This memorial service honors deceased members of the Boston Police Department. The event includes a march to the Boston Police Relief Association memorial, a celebrated mass by Reverend John Connolly and an Ecumenical memorial service invocation by Grand Rabbi Korff. The Boston Police Department Honor Guard and the Boston Police Gaelic Column will also be present. The Boston Police Relief Association was organized on January 13, 1871 and incorporated in 1876. It acts as a fraternal benefit association. WHERE: Mount Hope Cemetery main entrance, Walk Hill Street, Mattapan. WHEN: Sunday, June 7, 2009 @ 10:00 am.

What's on Call the Cops?

What’s On ‘Call The Cops’?Officer Kenneally Discusses the BPD’s Neighborhood Crime Watch WHO: Host of ‘Call The Cops’, Boston Police Officer James Kenneally; Special Guest, Neighborhood Crime Watch organizers Joe Porcelli and Judi Wright. WHAT: Tonight Officer Kenneally will broadcast live on a wide range of topics including current BPD news and how community members can organize your own neighborhood crime watch groups. In addition, Officer Kenneally will also offer important safety tips for city residents. WHEN: Thursday April 12, 2007 7:00pm – 8:00pm CHANNEL: Boston Neighborhood Network Television (BNN) Comcast Ch. 9/RCN Ch. 15

Photos from the 2006 Christmas for Horses event

santa.gifThis past Saturday members of the Boston Police Mounted unit participated in the 95th Annual Christmas for Horses event, sponsored by the Animal Rescue League of Boston. As horses from the Boston Police, the Boston Park Rangers, and the MA State Police lined up in front of Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Santa Claus arrived by sleigh and began handing out special treats to the horses (no word if he brought anything for their riders). Afterwards, the horses remained on scene so that members of the public could to meet the horses and their riders, and take photos with the horses. View a Photo Gallery of the event from the Animal Rescue League

The Giving Tree: A new BPD Tradition

In what is becoming an annual tradition, the Boston Police Department installed a Giving Tree in the 4th floor hallway of Boston Police tree_3.gif From the story of the giving tree: “Their stories are heartbreaking; there are children with physical and mental handicaps, several this year have cancer, and we were given the names of several homeless children/families. Many of these children have parents who are ill or suffering from addiction, most are single parent families. Some have little to eat and wear the same thread born clothes day after day. The names of these less fortunate children have been provided by the Youth Service Officers at every district. If you could find it in your heart to help provide an article of warm clothing for one of these children who are not so fortunate, it would be deeply appreciated.” Hung on the tree were dozens of paper ornaments, each listing the name and clothing sizes of a child. Dept members were invited to take one of these tags from the tree, and replace it with a wrapped present for the child. As the above photo shows, the tree was soon surrounded by presents. The photo was taken last week. By yesterday afternoon, there were even more presents. In this Globe photo, officers are shown stacking some of the many gifts that were left under the tree. The presents will be delivered before Christmas. The giving tree was highlighted in an article in today’s Boston Globe:

"Youth service officers from the Boston Police Department prepared to deliver an estimated 500 donated gifts to needy children yesterday. Along with other department employees, they participated in the "Giving Tree" program by plucking paper ornaments describing a child's age, specific needs, and clothing size from a 10-foot-tall tree. ...Captain Genevieve King said the program, launched last year, is helped by community agencies such as the Boys and Girls Club of Boston. Community organizations and youth service officers work together to identify the city's most impoverished children.

Thank you to Annie Wilcox, the Bureau of Field Services, and the Youth Services Officers for another successful giving Tree, and to everyone who donated.

Students Help Police Promote Safe Holiday Driving

click_event.jpgYesterday, students at Monument High School in South Boston helped police remind everyone using our roadways this holiday weekend to drive safely and buckle up. Eight people were killed on Massachusetts roadways during the four-day Thanksgiving holiday period in 2005. In an effort prevent a repeat of those numbers this weekend, the students and police gathered at the school to spread the message that Buckling up is quick and easy, as well as state law. The event highlighted several public safety efforts to keep holiday travelers safer, including a two-week “Click It or Ticket” Mobilization that runs through November 26th. In a “Quick-Click-Buckle-Up Challenge,” teams of four Monument High School students competed to be the fastest at buckling up in all four seating positions of a car. click_winners.jpg View the MA State Police press release (PDF file)

Photos from the 25th Annual Boston Police Chase Are Now Online.

race3.JPGrace_recruits.jpg race2.JPG --> On Sunday, October 15, 2006, more than 1,0000 runners participated in the 25th (and final) Annual Boston Police Chase. Photos of virtually every runner who participated are available for viewing, via 511, who agreed to host the photos. View the photos. Or if you ran the race, go to the main race page to search for your photo This year’s Police Chase, sponsored by Liberty Mutual, the 113th Annual IACP Conference and Law Enforcement Education and Technology Exposition and the Boston Police Runner’s Club, benefited the Boston Police Department's Kids at Risk Program. The Police Chase was a great success, and thank you again to all the runners who participated, and to all sponsors and support staff.

Have a Safe and Goulishly Good Halloween!

The Boston Police Department wishes the Boston community a happy and safe Halloween! The department encourages safety and supervision during the annual Trick-or-Treat season. Halloween is fun for people of all ages, but it is most important for parents to closely adhere to a few guidelines to ensure your night runs smoothly!If you would like to celebrate Halloween with the Boston Police Department, see below for a police-sponsored event in your district.

  • Parents should establish a route for children, stay within familiar areas and surroundings

  • Remind kids not to enter strangers' homes or cars
  • Remind children to avoid homes without an outside light on
  • Attach your phone number and address to your children’s costume
  • Take a flashlight
  • Be sure clothing/costumes are bright, reflective and flame retardent
  • Set rules about not eating treats until kids get home. Be sure to inspect all treats before allowing kids to eat them.
  • When in doubt, throw it out! Candy that has been opened should be thrown away. Any homemade treats or fruit should be inspected closely.
  • Never cross the street from between parked cars.
  • Watch open flames from jack-o-lanterns as they can catch costumes and long wigs on fire.
  • Make sure that fake knives, swords, and guns are made from cardboard or other flexible materials to avoid accidental injury or worse, have them mistaken for the real thing!

It is also important to ensure that your home is safe and accessible to trick-or-treaters. As adults there are some very simple things we can do to make the evening safe everyone:

  • Turn on your porch light.
  • Move lit jack-o-lanterns off the porch where kids get bunched up if they are trick-or-treating in groups.
  • Remove objects from your yard that might present a hazard.
  • Drive slowly all evening-you never know what creature may suddenly cross your path.
  • Report any suspicious or criminal activity to the police.

The Boston Police Department, Boston Centers for Youth and Families and the Mayor’s Commission on Elderly Affairs each have Halloween events. Below is a list of events at Boston Community Centers that are free for the public to enjoy.

  • Archdale 10/31, 4:30-6 p.m. ages - 6-12. Various party activities.
  • Boston Chinatown 10/31, 4-6 p.m. ages - 5-13. Games, crafts, face painting etc.
  • The Kent CC 10/27, 4-6 & 6-8 p.m. ages - 5-12. Bobbing for apples, piñata, etc.
  • Charlestown 10/27, 6-10 p.m. “Boston At Night” see below.
  • Cleveland 10/27, 6-10 p.m. “Boston At Night” see below.
  • Condon 10/31, 3:30-6 p.m. ages - 5-12. Costume parade, games etc.
  • English High CC 10/31, 5-7 p.m. ages - 10-19. Teens perform “Thriller” (an extended version of Michael Jackson’s song.)
  • Harborside 10/30, 4 p.m. ages - 7-13. Various party activities.
  • Harborside 10/27, 6-10 p.m. “Boston At Night” see below.
  • Jackson-Mann 10/27, 4 p.m. pre-school. Costume party for the pre-school enrollees.
  • Jackson-Mann 10/31, 3-5 p.m. after-school. Children in the after-school program will “trick or treat” as a group.
  • Mattahunt 10/31, 3:30-6 p.m. ages - 6-12. Various games and activities.
  • Mildred Ave. 10/30, 4-6 p.m. after-school. Curry College is hosting the after-school program at the school.
  • Mildred Avenue 10/27, 6-10 p.m. “Boston At Night” see below.
  • Murphy 10/30&31, 9-11 a.m. & 12-2 p.m. Kindergarten and nursery school parties.
  • 10/31, 5-7 p.m. all ages. Games, prizes, refreshments and more.
  • Nazzaro 10/31, 2:30 p.m. ages - 6-7. Games, food, costumes etc.
  • 10/31, 3:30 p.m. ages - 8-10. Games, food, costumes etc.
  • Ohrenberger 10/31, 10-11 a.m., 1:30-2:30 p.m. Party for pre-school program. Also hosting parties for childcare program.
  • Paris Street 10/27, 3-7 p.m. all ages. Annual block party with games, rides, refreshments and more.
  • Shelburne 10/31, 5-7 p.m. ages - 6-13. Music, costumes, games, food, etc.
  • Tobin 10/27, 6-10 p.m. “Boston At Night” see below.
  • Tynan 10/30, 3:30-5 p.m. ages - 10 and under. Music, costume parade, food etc.
  • Mildred Ave School 10/31 3-5 p.m. ages 11 and under. Candy, hot dogs, music and giveaways. 1st Annual Sponsored by District B-3

“Boston At Night”: BCYF will host five Halloween-themed safety nights, now called “Boston At Night” on Friday, October 27 from 6-10 p.m. at the following centers: Tobin, Cleveland, Kent, Harborside and Mildred Avenue. The Boston Police Department and Mayor Menino will also host parties.

  • Friday October 27, 2006 3rd annual Boston Police Area E-5 Halloween Party 5:00-8:00 p.m. 1701 Centre Street, West Roxbury (Area E-5) Event will take place outside the station (Centre Street will be closed off from Greaton Rd to WR Parkway)—rain location is the E-5 Community Room. Activities include moonwalk, balloons, and face painting. Entertainment includes a spooky DJ, clown, juggler and demonstrations from the BPD K-9 and Bomb Squad units.

  • Monday October 30, 2006 2nd Annual Boston Police Halloween Party, 3:00-5:00 p.m. Saint Anne’s School, 20 Como Road, Readville. Event is in the parking lot off of West Milton (rain location; school gym). There will be candy, costumes, food, a DJ as well as children’s activities.

  • Tuesday, October 31st The Mayor’s Halloween Party for Seniors will take place this year at the Cedars of Lebanon in Jamaica Plain.

Boston Police Officers Recognized for Bravery

Annual George Hanna Awards Ceremony held at State House.Hanna.jpg At a State House Ceremony today, more than 20 Boston Police Officers were among 53 police officers from across the Commonwealth who were recognized for acts of bravery and exemplary service during the past year. (View the full press release from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) Among the recipients were 4 Boston Police Officers who received the George L. Hanna Medal of Honor, the state’s highest award for bravery. An additional twenty officers were recognized with either Valor or Merit Awards. The Boston Police Department proudly congratulates the following recipients:

Medal of Honor: The highest award that the Commonwealth can bestow upon a police officer. The Medal of Honor is awarded to sworn department personnel who have performed specific acts of bravery, or who have performed acts of extraordinary courage above and beyond the call of duty, with disregard for their own personal safety

  • Officer Al S. Young and Officer Ebenezer S. Sealy On October 3, 2005, Officer Young and Officer Sealy were assigned to monitor patrons at closing time in the Theater district. Just after closing, the officers heard the sound of gunshots coming from a nearby parking lot. Upon approaching the parking lot, the officers were confronted by a suspect who began firing a weapon at them. After seeking cover, and after the hundreds of pedestrians had dispersed, the officers returned fire. The suspect fell to the ground suffering fatal gunshot wounds. At this time the officers were physically attacked by 10-15 males, until assistance arrived. The suspect had shot and killed a man just prior to Officer Young and Sealy’s arrival.

  • Officer Luke Taxter and Officer Matthew Morris On December 2, 2005, Officer Luke Taxter and Officer Matthew Morris, working in plain clothes observed a masked gunman shooting in the direction of a group of people huddled at a bus stop on Blue Hill Avenue. The officers took positions blocking his escape path while the gunman continued to fire shots at the bus shelter. After several verbal commands from the officers to stop, the suspect finally ended the standoff, dropped his weapon and surrendered. The suspect was placed under arrest for assault with intent to commit murder.

MEDAL OF VALOR Established to honor sworn department personnel who have performed acts of extraordinary heroism above and beyond the call of duty.

  • Officer Kevin P. McGoldrick On the evening of July 27, 2005, Police Officer Kevin P. McGoldrick was off duty and traveling in his motor vehicle when he observed an armed robbery in progress. The officer stopped and announced his presence causing the suspect to flee on foot into the Carney Hospital’s parking lot. During the pursuit the suspect turned and aimed what appeared to be a handgun at Officer McGoldrick. In response, the Officer took aim with his service weapon resulting in the suspect being placed under arrest and the recovery of a handgun, ammunition clip and a ski mask.

  • Officer Neil F. Murphy (retired) At 1:05 am, on July 15, 2005, Police Officer Neil F. Murphy was assigned to Bowdoin Street in Dorchester when he heard the sound of gunfire. As other units announced a gunshot victim, Officer Murphy observed two young males fleeing the area. Officer Murphy attempted to stop the two suspects when they took off on foot in different directions. After observing an object in one of the suspect’s hands, Officer Murphy pursued him. A brief struggle ensued and Officer Murphy placed the suspect under arrest and recovered a loaded semi-automatic firearm.

MERIT AWARD Recognizing sworn department personnel who have performed meritorious acts of bravery, courage and performance beyond the call of duty.

  • Officer John D. Conway and Officer Dean C. Bickerton On May 20, 2005, Officer John Conway and Officer Dean Bickerton were in plainclothes patrolling a known drug area. While conducting a motor vehicle stop in a high drug traffic area, one of the passengers jumped from the vehicle and reached to his waist. Officer Bickerton attempted to frisk him, finding a weapon. The suspect grabbed the revolver and pointed it at the officers, yelling he was going to shoot them so he would not go back to jail. Officer Bickerton lunged at the suspect grabbing both hands, while Officer Conway radioed for help before joining the struggle. The officers were able to gain control of the weapon and place the suspect under arrest.

  • Officer Joseph Singletary On January 22, 2005, Officer Singletary responded to a repeat call for an estranged husband shooting at his wife’s house. Due to deep snow blocking the roadway, the officer approached the victim’s house on foot. Officer Singletary observed the suspect driving a vehicle in the direction of responding officers. After attempting to stop the suspect, the officer was struck by the vehicle. The vehicle slid into a snow bank with Officer Singletary holding onto the driver’s door. As the officer observed the suspect with a firearm he reached though the window and struggled for possession of the weapon. After a violent struggle, the suspect was subdued and the fully loaded firearm secured.

  • Sergeant Wayne Lanchester On February 18, 2005, Sergeant Wayne Lanchester responded to shooting on Townsend Street in Roxbury. Sergeant Lanchester observed the vehicle that was described over the radio and pursued it. The pursuit ended when the four suspects jumped from the vehicle and fled. Sergeant Lanchester began a foot pursuit of one suspect and chased him through several streets, through backyards and over fences. Finally, the sergeant was able to overtake the suspect and after a violent struggle, secured the fully loaded handgun and place the suspect under arrest.

  • Lieutenant Steven M. Ciccolo On September 3, 2005, Lieutenant Steven Ciccolo, a morning watch patrol supervisor, responded to a call regarding a man with a knife sitting on a porch. While Lieutenant Ciccolo attempted to disarm the unresponsive male, the man suddenly awoke and attacked him. After a violent struggle, Lieutenant Ciccolo was able to free himself by rolling away and kicking the suspect. The suspect was then placed under arrest by assisting units.

  • Officer Kenneally On the Expressway, Officer Kenneally made a motor vehicle stop for numerous violations. One occupant, wanted on warrants, jumped out of the vehicle and began to violently strike the officer. The suspect was then able to suspend himself over a barrier to an approximate 40 foot drop to the expressway below. Officer Kenneally was holding on to the suspect’s belt as the suspect yelled he was going to commit suicide and take the officer with him. Officer Kenneally was able to pull the suspect back over the wall where he was placed in custody.

  • Lieutenant Matthew J. Spillane On Tuesday, November 9, 2005, Lieutenant Matthew Spillane was off duty when he observed a male brandishing a gun and firing it randomly into the Jackson Square MBTA station. Lieutenant Spillane was unable to corner the suspect in the busy MBTA station so he continued to follow the suspect to a less populated areas. After a foot chase, with the assistance of other units, the suspect was placed under arrest and the gun was also recovered.

Meritorious (Group Award)

  • Sergeant Kevin O’Brien, Police Officer Patrick J. Donovan, Police Officer Shannon McLaughlin At approximately 9:30 p.m. in the East Boston section of the city, Sergeant Kevin O’Brien and paid detail officers Patrick J. Donovan and Shannon McLaughlin responded to a call for which a man had been shot. Arriving at the residence in question, the officers opened a door at which time a violent struggle ensued between Sergeant O’Brien and Officer Donovan and the suspect who was armed with a firearm. As the suspect was being placed under arrest, Officer McLaughlin observed and placed another suspect in the rear of the apartment under arrest. A loaded .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun was recovered and both suspects were booked for murder.

  • Police Officer Anthony Williams, Police Officer Daran S. Edwards, Police Officer David J. Miller On August 23, 2005, Police Officer Anthony Williams and Police Officer Daran S. Edwards were on patrol near Blue Hill Avenue when they observed a suspicious male riding a bicycle. As they stopped and attempted to talk to the male, he fell off his bike, and upon rising was pointing a gun at the officers. The suspect fled toward Franklin Park, where a perimeter around the dark, unlit park was set up and a canine unit was requested to assist. Police Officer David J. Miller and his canine partner, Maximus, arrived and tracked the suspect through the dark shrubs, finally locating the suspect in the center of the golf course. Also recovered was a 9mm semi automatic pistol with 8 live rounds and 1 in the chamber.

  • Sergeant Thomas J. Teahan, Sergeant Richard J. Houston, and Police Officer Jean Pierre Ricard On December 26, 2005, Sergeant Thomas J. Teahan, Sergeant Richard J. Houston and Police Officer Jean Pierre Ricard responded to a report of an armed robbery of a merchant in Egelston Square. After securing the perimeter the officers began to canvas a nearby neighborhood. The officers approached a house known for gang activity and observed movement from inside the locked first floor porch. After conducting a forced entry of the porch, a violent struggle ensued between the officers and four suspects. The officers were able to place the suspects under arrest and recover a semi-automatic firearm and the stolen merchandise.

  • Operation “Cloak and Dagger” DISTRICT B-3 (Represented at the ceremony by Captain Timothy Murray) During the year 2005, District B-3 which patrols the neighborhoods of Mattapan and parts of North Dorchester, implemented a new deployment plan, Operation Cloak and Dagger. The basic premise of this deployment plan was to stress warrant arrests, drug arrests and gun arrests. It was a district-wide initiative to target the most wanted individuals and fugitives, who presented the greatest threat to the community. As a result of this plan, District B-3 made more than 100 firearm related charges, over one thousand warrant arrests and more than 500 drug arrests. District B-3 led all of the Boston police districts in drug arrests and warrant arrests, as well as removing over 100 firearms from the streets of Mattapan and Dorchester.

The Boston Police Department also extends our congratulations to all the officers who were recognized at today’s ceremony. (Award summary text excerpted from the Commonwealth of MA press release.)

Project ChildSafe Comes To Boston

5,000 Firearm Safety Locks To Be Distributed LocallyChildSafe.gifToday Mayor Thomas M. Menino, in conjunction with Acting Boston Police Commissioner Albert E. Goslin is pleased to announce that the Boston Police Department will manage the distribution of free gun safety locks to local residents through a partnership with Project ChildSafe, the nationwide firearms safety education program. The gunlocks will be available starting tomorrow at all 11 Boston Police district stations as well as through the Licensing Unit at Boston Police Headquarters. Project ChildSafe is an important step forward in helping ensure that all firearm owners fully understand their responsibilities with respect to the safe handling and storage of firearms. The gunlocks provided are cable-style and fit on most types of handguns, rifles and shotguns. The goal is to prevent a child or any other unauthorized person from accessing a firearm in your home. DSC_0030.jpg Mayor Menino stated, “As Mayor, and as a grandfather, I know that nothing is more important than the safety and well being of our children,” Mayor Menino added, “Today I am proud to announce that Project Childsafe, a nationwide firearm safety education program, has provided the Boston Police Department with 5 thousand free safety locks. The locks will be distributed to gun owners “No Questions Asked” at district police stations throughout the city.” gl_goslin.jpg By partnering with Project ChildSafe, the City of Boston is participating in a growing national effort to promote firearms safety education to all gun owners. It is important to note that over 40% of homes where children live have a gun, and many of those guns are locked and unloaded. “We encourage residents to pick up a Project ChildSafe safety kit so that they can securely store their firearm,” said Acting Commissioner Goslin. “I am here today as a police officer, father and grandfather telling all of you that just talking to your children about the dangers of firearms is not enough. Children are naturally curious. If a gun is accessible in someone’s home, there is a good chance a child will find it and play with it.” Mayor Menino, through his Strategic Crime Council, continues to launch an aggressive and innovative programs designed to educate and create awareness around firearm-related issues. The distribution of free gunlocks is just one of the many initiatives that have resulted from the mayor’s campaign against gun violence. Project ChildSafe, a program developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), will distribute millions of firearm safety kits throughout the country over the next year. The program is funded by a U.S. Department of Justice grant, with additional funding provided by the firearms industry. Today Mayor Menino provided several key steps that parents with guns in the home can take to protect their children:

  • Unload your guns and keep them in a locked, secure place out of the reach of children.
  • Lock your ammunition in a separate location, and keep the keys and combination in a secure place.
  • And tell your kids: If they come across a gun, don’t touch it. Leave the area immediately. And tell an adult.

Mayor Menino concluded, “It’s tempting for parents to dismiss this issue by thinking, ‘I don’t need to worry about gun safety because I don’t keep a gun in my home.’ But what happens when your child goes over to a friend’s house to play? Does that household have an unlocked gun? It’s crucial that parents inquire about firearm safety in the households that their children are visiting.”

Boston Youth Successfully Conclude Junior Police Academy

Boston Police program inspires young people to good citizenship through an appreciation of the role of law enforcement in our community.stairway.jpg This past Friday at Fenway Park, Mayor Thomas M. Menino; Boston Police Commissioner Albert E. Goslin; and Boston Red Sox President & CEO Larry Luccino joined with participants of the Junior Police Academy and their families at an appreciation ceremony to honor the most recent participants of the 10th Annual Boston Police Junior Police Academy. All junior recruits, accompanied by their parents or guardian, received recognition for their successful completion of the one week program designed to provide youth with an inside look at local law enforcement, the duties that they perform and the encounters they face on a daily basis. The event included an essay contest, in which participants were invited to write about their experiences. You can read the winning entry online. Download file The Boston Police Junior Police Academy program is a highly successful education program, which continues to expand in popularity every year. This program introduces youth to law enforcement career options giving students a chance to explore the career opportunities in a "hands-on" environment. Link to a short photo gallery showing some highlights of the 10th Annual Jr. Police academy.


IACP Conference To Feature International Speakers, Latest Technologies, and Education Opportunities boston_iacplogo.jpg Boston, MA: More than 14,000 law enforcement professionals will gather at the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s (IACP) 113th Annual Conference and Exposition in Boston, MA, October 14-18, 2006. This annual gathering features highly rated seminars, forums, and technical workshops. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Peter Pace, and Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department Warren Riley are scheduled to address conference attendees during General Assembly sessions. In addition to dozens of workshops covering a variety of topics from homeland security to identity crime, the conference will feature hundreds of exhibits and numerous demonstrations. Attendees will have the opportunity to test many of their products. Only credentialed members of the media may register for a complimentary press pass. To receive a press pass, all registered journalists must show a government issued photo identification and their press credentials upon arrival at the convention center. For more information about exhibits and workshops and to register, please visit: WHO: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Peter Pace and Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department Warren Riley are scheduled to speak at the First General Assembly, Monday, October 16, 9:45-11:30 AM, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Ballroom Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller are scheduled to speak at the Second General Assembly, Tuesday, October 17, 10:00-11:30 AM, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Ballroom WHAT: IACP’s 113th Annual Conference and Exposition WHEN: October 14-18, 2006 WHERE: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center 415 Summer Street ***Photo opportunities at exhibit hall, test products and equipment law enforcement officers use, opportunity to meet police executives from jurisdictions around the world***

Daily Incidents for September 16, 2006

Bank Robbery Suspect Wanted in DorchesterOfficers from District 2 responded to 585 Columbia Road shortly before noon yesterday on a report of a robbery at the Sovereign Bank. According to witnesses on scene a white male entered the bank and approached a teller cutting the line inside the bank. While at the teller’s window the suspect passed a note and made threats. The suspect fled the bank after robbing it of an undisclosed amount of U.S. Currency. District Detectives and the Bank Robbery Task Force are currently investigating this robbery. Six Juveniles Arrested After Calumet Street Stabbing Last night at 9:36pm, officers from District 2 responded to an address on Calumet Street on a report of a stabbing. On arrival officers spoke to the victims a 17 and 18-year old male from Roxbury who stated while walking on Calumet toward Parker Hill Street they were jumped by a group of males and stabbed. The victims were transported to the Brigham and Woman’s Hospital and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries. Police broadcast a description of the suspects over police radios and within minutes of the broadcast, an officer from the Boston Housing Authority observed six individuals matching the description of the wanted suspects at St Alphonsus and Smith Streets. Police stopped the group and arrested a 10,11, 12, 13, 13, and 14 year-old males from Roxbury and Dorchester. All six were charged with Delinquency to wit: Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (Knife). They will all be arraigned in the Boston Juvenile Court on Monday morning. East Boston Officers Arrest Three Drinking in the Park Three individuals were observed last night at 8:15pm sitting in the bleachers at 200 Condor Street in East Boston. Officers from District 7 approached the group to investigate and observed them drinking alcohol in public. Police arrested Angel DelValle, 22, of Stoughton, Roberto Cuevas, 24, of Chelsea and Jack Gomes, 23, of Malden. All three will be arraigned on Monday morning in the East Boston District Court. 15-year-old Arrested with Firearm in Dorchester At about 6:30pm on Friday night officers from District 3 observed a 15-year-old male make eye contact with them and place both hands on his waist, quickly change direction and begin to flee at a fast pace. When officers made verbal commands for the suspect to stop he began to sprint away from the officers. Officers eventually stopped the suspect in the area of 50 Corbet Street where they recovered a loaded firearm with obliterated serial numbers from the suspect’s waist area. The juvenile from Roxbury was placed under arrest and will be arraigned on Monday morning in the Dorchester District Court where he will be charged with Delinquency to wit: Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Possession of a Loaded Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Possession of a Firearm with Altered Serial Numbers.

Fall Freedom Rally

On September 16, 2006 the annual Fall Freedom Rally (Hemp Fest) will be held on Boston Common.In recent years, the Boston Police Department has arrested numerous people for Possession of Class D (Marijuana) at this event. Many of these people have stated that they were under the impression there was “amnesty” from arrest on this particular day. Let there be no confusion or mistaken assumptions on the part of attendees Saturday: there is no “amnesty” or any relaxation of the Commonwealth’s drug control laws during of this event. The Boston Police Department will be enforcing the narcotics laws on the Boston Common, as we do in neighborhoods throughout the city on any given Saturday. Our officers will be making arrests for violations of the narcotics laws if they observe such behavior. Saturday will be no different than any other day. Potential offenders should be aware that, if arrested, these arrests will become a permanent part of the individual’s criminal history and may affect their admissions to some colleges and/or future potential employment as well as may result in the suspension of the individual’s license to operate a vehicle in Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Many of the people who attend this festival are college-aged young people who are just starting out in life. We strongly encourage you to think twice on Saturday before you place yourself into a situation where you may be arrested. It would be a shame if you jeopardize your future over a single act. If you are arrested, ignorance of the law will not be an acceptable excuse.

Media Advisory: “Stars, Stripes and Community Spirit”

logo_crime_Watch.gifWhat: Flag Raising When: Thursday, August 10th, 5:00 PM Where: Intersection of South Huntington and Center Street, Jamaica Plain, MA Who: Members of the Boston Police Department, Representatives of the E-13 District Police, Sgt. Michael O’Connor, and Neighborhood Crime Watch Coordinator, Joseph Porcelli; Lesley Delaney-Hawkins representing the Mayor’s Office; Owners of the Alchemist Restaurant Lyndon Fuller and Relena Erskine; and Jamaica Plain residents, Maryetta Dusourd and Michael Reiskind. In late July, Lyndon Fuller, one of the new owners of the Alchemist Lounge, was complimenting Maryetta Dusourd, a resident who lives across street, on how nice the new garden looked that Maryetta had planted at the base of the flag pole. This flag serves as a memorial to William E. Canary, who lost his life in action during WWI in St. Mihiel France on September 12,1918. Maryetta told Lydon that she hoped to have the deteriorated flag replaced with a new flag. Maryetta said, “My mother was an Irish immigrant who loved the country. She told me as a child the greatest thing to keep in mind is what the flag means to immigrants. It means, hope, loyalty and service together. Seeing the flag in this shape makes me feel like we are not honoring those who have given their lives.” A few days later, Lyndon told Joseph Porcelli, BPD Neighborhood Crime Watch coordinator, and a resident of Jamaica Plain, about his conversation with Maryetta. Joseph brought this matter to the attention of BPD Sgt. Michael O’Connor, who quickly secured a replacement flag. The media is invited to view this shining example of community spirit as JP residents, business owners, the Neighborhood Crime Watch unit and other members of the Boston Police come together as neighbors, friends, and proud Americans. Contact: Joseph Porcelli Civilian Community Service Officer Neighborhood Crime Watch Unit Boston Police Department Office: 617-343-4779

Traffic Advisory for Saturday's Lions’ Club Parade

On July 1, 2006 the International Lion’s Club will hold the annual Lion’s Club Parade. The parade is expected to start at 9:30am at Boylston and Exeter Streets and continue along Boylston Street ending at Charles Street on the Boston Common.The Boston Transportation department will post “No Stopping, Parade 6:00 AM- 4:00 PM, Saturday” along both sides of the following streets:

View a map of the overall area

FACE OF AMERICA 2006 Bike Ride

clogo.gifOn April 29, 2006 six riders from the Boston Police Department’s Centurion Cycling Club will participate in the "Face of America 2006" ride from Gettysburg, PA to Washington, DC. Face of America 2006 is a two-day, 110-mile bike ride that teams able-bodied individuals with disabled individuals, including disabled servicemen and women returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Department members participating in the ride include Superintendent John Gallagher, Deputy Superintendent Dan Coleman and his son Danny, Police Officer Cecil Jones and his son Christopher, Frank McLaughlin and his wife Colette, LaTeisha Scales, and Ryan Mason. They will join 35 disabled military personnel from Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Naval Medical Center participating in the ride. The Boston riders will also honor all Boston Police Officers serving in the United States Armed Services as well as those who have served: Sgt. William Woodley, Police Officers Michael Brown, Terrence Burke, Christopher Colby, Bryan Dickson, Michael Fayles, Richard Litto and Daniel McMorrow who are all currently activated in various branches of the United States Military. For the past ten years, members of the Boston Police Department and other law enforcement agencies from New England have participated in a bicycle ride to benefit the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Memorial Fund. The ride was generally held in May to coincide with National Law Enforcement Officers Week in Washington, DC. Because of the enthusiasm generated by the DC ride, members of the Boston Police Department formed the Centurion Cycling Club, a club that includes benefit rides and special occasion rides. For more information on the ride go to

Operation Safety Net Meeting, April 13, 2006

Operation Safety net presents a community forum, open to the public.Date: April 13, 2006, Location: New Pilot Middle School 270 Columbia Rd, Dorchester (map) Time: 5:30p.m. Reception/ 6:00p.m. Meeting The meeting features presentations on

  • Internet Safety, and

  • Human Trafficking: Indicators and Exploitation

Presented by the Family justice center, Boston Police Department, MA State Police, and the Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County. Download the flyer for the event. (PDF file)

Dorchester Youth Gear Up for Race Day

nb_cecil.jpgRunner’s Club President/Boston Police Officer Cecil Jones with some of the young runners In preparation for this weekend’s Boston’s Run To Remember, The Colonel Daniel Marr Boys & Girls Training Team completed their six week training program with a shopping trip to the New Balance Factory Store. 20 Dorchester youth between the ages of 10 and 14 joined with Boston Police officers and staff members from New Balance and the Boys & Girls Club on a trip to pick out a pair of sneakers for the race, courtesy of New Balance. New Balance is a sponsor of the Run to Remember and a long-time supporter of the Boston Police Runner’s Club. Continue reading for more Photos from yesterday’s shopping trip.

nb_outside.jpg Outside the New Balance Factory Store, Brighton nb_pc1.jpg Commissioner O’Toole talks with some of the participants nb_fit.jpg Finding the right fit nb_running1.jpg The runners trying out thier new shoes nb_running2.jpg nb_running3.jpg