Welcome to the New Location of the Boston Police Harbor Patrol Unit!

WHO:  Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis, Supt. in Chief Daniel Linskey, Deputy Superintendent Thomas Lee (Commander of the Special Operations Division – oversees the Harbor Patrol Unit), department clergy, Boston Police Command staff and BPD members and members assigned to the Harbor Patrol Unit and BPD families.

WHEN:   Saturday, July 10, 2010 at 11:30 a.m.

WHERE: Boston Police Harbor Patrol Unit located at  9 Terminal Street, South Boston (adjacent to the Summer Street Bridge)

WHAT:   Mayor Menino and Police Commissioner Davis welcome the Boston Police Harbor Patrol Unit to its new location.


  • When the Harbor Unit was first created they were housed in a 10x10 facility in Charlestown above a snack shack
  • The Unit moved to a location owned by EDIC located at 35 Drydock Ave  where they remained there for about 15 years and shared the dock with lobster boats
  • This new location is their 1st real home that belongs to the Department  (location consists of a modular home plus new piers)


Boston Police Department Recruit Academy Graduation CeremonyRecruit Class 48-08 WHO: Mayor Thomas Menino, Police Commissioner Edward Davis, Gill Kerlikowske (Director of the National Drug Council), BPD Command Staff, BPD Gaelic Column and Honor Guard, Graduating Recruits with their family and friends, BPD Chaplains ( Reverend Gregory Groover, Reverend Sean Connor, Reverend John Connolly. WHAT: Today celebrates the graduation of 25 Boston Police Department Recruits and 18 outside agency recruits (consisting of 8 separate Police Departments). This will include the recruits marching from the BPD Academy to the Hyde Park Community Building prior to them taking the Police Officer’s Oath of Office. Badge pinning, special awards and remarks by several distinguished guests, including Mayor Menino and Police Commissioner Edward Davis will be heard. WHERE: Hyde Park Community Center, Hyde Park. WHEN: Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 2:00pm.

BRING YOUR A-GAME TO B-2! Youth NOISE to play BPD Officers at Tobin Center

WHO: Boston Police Captain Paul J. Russell, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) and 50 local teens from Youth NOISE (“Neighborhood Outreach for Inner Street Empowerment”).WHAT: With Celtics fever upon us, offices from B-2 and a group of local youth will play some hoop today at the Tobin Center. The event is part of an ongoing partnership between the Boston Police and the Mission Hill youth group. Youth NOISE is a joint program of Latino youth organization Sociedad Latina and Mission Main’s MissonSAFE youth development program. It was formed in January 2007 to provide a forum where kids can discuss crime prevention on their streets as well as provide a means to strengthen youth relationships with police. WHERE: Tobin Community Center 1481 Tremont Street Roxbury Crossing WHEN: Today, Wednesday, June 11, 2008 3:30pm


WHO: Mayor Thomas Menino, Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis, Superintendent-In-Chief Robert P. Dunford, FBI Agent Warren Bamford, BPD Command Staff, award recipients and their families.WHAT: Commendation ceremony to recognize exemplary work of eight members of the Boston Police Department as well as outstanding members of our community. Officers and civilians will be presented a Commissioner’s Commendation and special recognition for their hard work and dedication. WHERE: Boston Police Headquarters Media Room 1199 Tremont Street WHEN: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 3:00pm


Boston Police Department Detective Rating CeremonyWHO: Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Commissioner Edward F. Davis, Superintendent Bruce Holloway, BPD Command Staff, BPD Gaelic Column and Honor Guard, Department Chaplains, Jubilee Church Bishop G. A. Thompson, president of the Boston Police Benevolent Society, Detective Jack Parlon, and police officers being rated, as well as their family and friends. WHAT: Mayor Menino and Commissioner Davis will officiate over this ceremony, during which sixty-four Boston Police officers will be pinned and promoted to the rank of detective. The media is encouraged to attend this event. WHERE: Jubilee Church 1500 Blue Hill Avenue Mattapan WHEN: Today, Monday, December 17, 2007 1:00pm

Boston Police Relief Association to hold 136th Annual Awards Ball

WHO: Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis, Boston Police Command Staff, honored officers and their families.WHAT: This yearly event is intended to honor those members of the department who have exemplified what it means to be member of the Boston Police department over the past year. The awards ceremony will commence at 5:00pm and is followed by a social hour, dinner, and entertainment. This year, the following officers will be honored: Lieutenant William J. Slavin Sergeant Detective Thomas J. O’Leary Sergeant Gary Ryan Sergeant David S. Gavin Sergeant Joseph R. Horton Sergeant Michael J. Linskey Sergeant Brian E. Miller Police Officer Rance R. C. Cooley Police Officer Winston DeLeon Police Officer Robert Cordasco Police Officer Steven M. Charbonnier Police Officer Timothy G. Fitzpatrick Police Officer Lawrence I. Celester Police Officer Peter N. Fontanez Police Officer John J. Bates Police Officer Jimmy Giraldo Police Officer Rodney O. Best Police Officer Robert P. Hurley Police Officer Prescott T. Caisey Police Officer Philip J. Kearney Police Officer Horace N. Kincade Police Officer Richard L. Medina Police Officer Frederick D. Lane Police Officer Rochefort Milien Police Officer Brian J. Linehan Police Officer Stephen D. Roe Police Officer Terence S. Long Police Officer Stephen P. Romano Police Officer Scott D. Lucas Police Officer Matthew S. Ryan Police Officer Edward J. MacPherson Police Officer Jay D. Soares Police Officer Brian C. Mahoney Police Officer Gregory L. Vickers The media is encouraged to attend this ceremony. WHERE: Lombardo’s Route 28 Randolph, MA WHEN: Sunday, December 2, 2007 5:00pm


Mayor Menino and Commissioner Davis to Honor Officers at Detective Rating, Promotional CeremonyWHO: Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis, Boston Police Command Staff, honored officers and their families. WHAT: Mayor Menino and Commissioner Davis will officiate over this ceremony, during which thirteen Boston Police officers will be honored. Rated Detectives: Captain Mark P. Hayes, Lt. Arthur G. Torigian, Sgt. Daniel P. Duff, Sgt. John J. Fitzgerald, and. Sgt. Matthew F. Whalen. Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant: Sgt. Richard J. Houston, Sgt. Robert A. Dwan, and Sgt. Adrian P. Troy. Promoted to the rank of Sergeant: P.O. Richard J. Dahill, P.O. Joseph M. MaGuire, P.O. William R. Toner, Det. Norma I. Ayala Leong, and Det. Lisa R. Holmes. The media is encouraged to attend this ceremony. WHERE: Teacher’s Union Hall 180 Mount Vernon Street WHEN: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 10:30am

An Evening of Halloween Fun with Area E-5

WHO: Boston Police Captain James Hasson; police officers from District E5; 1,000 trick-or-treatersWHAT: Boston Police District E-5 will host approximately 1,000 ghosts, goblins, princesses, fairies and various other creative creatures for an evening of Halloween fun! The district has planned a number of activities, entertainment and family festivities. Captain Hasson will also be available to provide Halloween Safety Tips. For additional police-sponsored Halloween activities in other districts citywide, please visit WHERE: Police District Station E5 1708 Centre Street, West Roxbury WHEN: Friday, October 26, 2007 5:00PM- 8:00PM TIPS: The Boston Police Department wishes the Boston community a happy and safe Halloween! The department encourages safety and supervision during the annual Trick-or-Treat season. Halloween is fun for people of all ages, but it is most important for parents to closely adhere to a few guidelines to ensure your night runs smoothly! · Parents should establish a route for children, stay within familiar areas and surroundings · Remind kids not to enter strangers' homes or cars · Remind children to avoid home without an outside light on · Attach your phone number and address to your children’s costume · Take a flashlight · Be sure clothing/costumes are bright, reflective and flame retardant · Set rules about not eating treats until kids get home. Be sure to inspect all treats before allowing kids to eat them. · When in doubt, throw it out! Candy that has been opened should be thrown away. Any homemade treats or fruit should be inspected closely. · Never cross the street from between parked cars. · Watch open flames from jack-o-lanterns as they can catch costumes and long wigs on fire. · Make sure that fake knives, swords, and guns are made from cardboard or other flexible materials to avoid accidental injury or worse, have them mistaken for the real thing! It is also important to ensure that your home is safe and accessible to trick-or-treaters. As adults there are some very simple things we can do to make the evening safe everyone. · Turn on your porch light. · Move lit jack-o-lanterns off the porch where kids get bunched up if they are trick-or-treating in groups. · Remove objects from your yard that might present a hazard. · Drive slowly all evening-you never know what creature may suddenly cross your path. · Report any suspicious or criminal activity to the police. Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Boston Police to Honor Fallen Officer Ezekiel Hodsdon

WHO: Boston Police Captain Robert Cunningham and officers of District A-7 (East Boston)WHAT: The Boston Police Department will unveil the memorial of Ezekiel W. Hodsdon. Officer Hodsdon is the first Boston Police officer killed in the line of duty on October 18, 1857. He was killed on the corner of Maverick and Havre Street, which is where his memorial will be appropriately located. WHERE: Corner of Maverick and Havre Streets in East Boston WHEN: Thursday, October 18, 2007 @ 10:00am


BPD DETECTIVES ARREST SUSPECT, RECOVER STOLEN GOODS IN THEFT FROM ELDERLY HOUSINGWHO: Boston Police Captain James G. Hasson, Detectives from District E-5 (West Roxbury) WHAT: Detectives will display recovered stolen items from a larceny that took place on September 17, 2007. The larceny occurred at the Eidel Weiss Assisted Living Home on Centre Street in West Roxbury. The recovered items include televisions, computers, radios and other various items. WHERE: District E-5 Station 1708 Centre Street West Roxbury, MA WHEN: Today, Thursday, October 11, 2007 2:30pm


Question and Answer session to discuss the pattern of recent indecent assault and batteries in the East Boston area, and the Department’s response to those incidents.WHO: Deputy Superintendent Margot Hill, Commander of the Family Justice Division/Sexual Assault Unit WHAT: Deputy Superintendent Margot H. Hill will be available to discuss the recently reported incidents of Indecent Assault and Batteries in the East Boston area WHERE: Boston Police Headquarters Media Room 1 Schroeder Plaza Boston, MA 02120 WHEN: Today: Friday, February 16, 2007 @ 2:00PM

Message from the Commissioner

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the outstanding job that has been done by members of this department. The men and women of the Boston Police Department continue to work extremely hard to keep this city safe. You have been ceaseless in your efforts to reduce crime and engage in true partnerships with key stakeholders in our neighborhoods.Your work has earned the department an international reputation for its commitment to Community Policing. As I said at my swearing in, one of my goals is to build upon this commitment. Community Policing is a department-wide philosophy, not simply a strategy or unit within a department. In order for us to continue to be successful, we must be organized in such a way that the entire agency supports this philosophy. The patrol force is the backbone of this organization. As Police Commissioner, it is my responsibility to put in place a command and accountability structure that supports this commitment to our patrol force. It is also my responsibility to ensure that every police officer- patrol officer, detectives, rapid response units, special operations units and their superiors- all operate with a Community Policing philosophy that focuses more on the prevention of crime than it does on the rapid response to it. The Boston Police Department will soon implement a COMPSTAT process. COMPSTAT is a command and accountability system where the department commanders review crime patterns. The Boston Police COMPSTAT process will be a bi-weekly meeting among commanders and external partners, who will focus on geographical accountability coupled with intelligence-driven deployment. The goal of this process is to provide oversight to facilitate the effective deployment of resources, to create geographic accountability and to enhance cooperation and communication department-wide. The department is making the following organizational changes to support the successful implementation of COMPSTAT and geographic-based policing.

  • Captains will be responsible for developing strategies to address crime and quality of life issues specific to their geographic command.
  • Captains will be assisted by one of three Deputy Superintendents tasked with prioritizing and allocating resources within a newly zoned area. Each Deputy will be responsible for one of three geographic zones. The new zones are as follows: Zone 1: District A1, A15, A7, D4 and D14 Zone 2: B2, B3, C6 and C11 Zone 3: E5, E13 and E18

  • As recognition that the Youth Violence Strike Force (YVSF) and the Boston Police School Police Unit are fundamentally patrol resources, both units will be moved from the Bureau of Investigative Services to the Bureau of Field Services.

    The Youth Violence Strike Force will be located at 170 Hancock Street in Dorchester. They will report to a Deputy Superintendent. Utilizing tactics proven successful in the past, YVSF officers will conduct operations at the discretion of their commander. They will assist with visibility and proactive strategies to reduce gang violence.

    Boston Police School Police Unit will continue to operate from their present location at Latin Academy. All patrol officers of this unit will now report in uniform.

  • District detectives will now be working under a central authority to coordinate a unified investigative response. The District detectives will be moved from their current location in the Bureau of Field Services and will be placed under the administrative command of the Bureau of Investigative Services. District detectives will maintain an operational responsibility to the District Captains.
  • The Tactical Mountain Bike Unit will transfer from Special Operations and will report to a Deputy Superintendent under the Bureau of Field Services. The Mountain Bike Unit will be housed at 170 Hancock Street in Dorchester. This unit will be deployed in various patrol assignments.
  • The Bureau of Internal Investigations and the Bureau of Professional Development will be combined to create the Bureau of Professional Standards and Development. This reflects the reality that training is vital to all aspects of Community Policing. In addition, a review of citizen complaints against officers indicated that many of the issues identified could be mitigated with training that is designed to prevent misconduct.

    The Bureau of Professional Standards and Development will come under the command of Superintendent Robert Harrington. Deputy Superintendent Marie Donahue will be assigned to the Training & Education Division as Academy Commander.

  • Drug Control Unit resources will be reallocated so that each District will have dedicated DCU personnel.
  • Lastly, disorder control is a fundamental component of Community Policing. Captains are expected to place an emphasis on the individual needs of each neighborhood. To assist them with this requirement, I have appointed Deputy Superintendent Gladys Gaines to serve as a Liaison between the department and City Hall to focus exclusively on issues of neighborhood services and to lead the department’s response to the complex issue of homelessness.

By reaffirming our commitment to Community Policing and structuring our agency so it supports this mission at every level, we are giving this department the foundation it needs to drive down violent crime, adapt to emerging crime trends with innovative programs and make our city safe. Ed Davis, Commissioner

Quality of Life Enforcement

The Boston Herald takes a look at two recent quality-of-life arrests in Mission Hill and Jamaica Plain. Both investigations were begun as a result of community complaints

“The raids are evidence that new Police Commissioner Ed Davis is following through on his promise to have his police address quality-of-life issues even while trying to squelch the bloodshed in “hotspot neighborhoods.” From the Boston Herald.

Confirmed Shooting at 471 Blue Hill Avenue

At about 10:54pm, officers from District 2 responded to 471 Blue Hill Avenue* in Roxbury on a report of a person shot. On arrival officers observed a victim suffering from a gunshot wound. The victim was treated on scene and transported to the Boston Medical Center where he is being treated for what appears to be a non-life threatening injury.*Clarification: Officers located the victim at 471 Blue Hill Avenue; further investigation revealed the victim was shot at Nazing and Seaver Streets.

Confirmed Shooting in Roxbury

At about 7:19pm, officers from District 13 responded to 3050 Washington Street on a report of shots fired. Officers arrived and established a crime scene but did not find a victim. At about 7:33pm a male victim walked into the Boston Medical Center suffering from a gunshot wound. At this time, the victim’s injury appears to be non-life threatening. Detectives continue to investigate this shooting and urge anyone with information about the incident to contact them.