RESOURCE FOR CITY RESIDENTS TO REPORT AFTER-HOURS PARTIESThe Boston Police Party Line is now in service citywide. The purpose of the Party Line is to give city residents a direct contact for reporting the occurrence of loud after-hours parties. Please make note of the telephone number, which is 617-343-5500. Police Commissioner Ed Davis stated, “As part of our ongoing efforts to address public safety concerns and the reduction of violent behavior, the citywide party line is yet another tool to gather intelligence and provide residents with an additional mechanism to communicate with police. Mayor Menino and I heard the communities concerns about this issue and we sought to quickly provide a solution.” The Party Line is citywide, and each District will be responsible for dispatching its own unit to the reported location. All reports will be investigated. Illegal sale of alcohol and/or disturbances will be cause for police action. Please be prepared with important details when reporting an incident, they include: · address · whether the party is inside or outside · the floor or apartment number · whether the Boston Police would be able to gain entry to the building · the amount of time the party has been going on If the call is concerning a party that is no longer in progress, the caller will be referred to the District Community Service Officer. The Boston Police Intelligence Unit will continue to closely monitor calls and information concerning planned or anticipated after-hours parties. In these cases, a District Duty Supervisor will be notified and preventative measures will be taken. The Boston Police recommend that residents take full advantage of this service as a means of preventing late night disorderly behavior, the increased possibility of crime and other incidents that result from after-hours gatherings. Do remember that in a case of an emergency situation, please dial 911. Boston Police are pleased to report the peaceful and successful conclusion to a recent after-hours incident that was the direct result of intelligence police were able to ascertain prior to the event. Here’s What Happened: On Saturday, March 31, 2007 at approximately 1:32 am, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 11 Iowa Street to put an end to an illegal after-hours party. Officers had been made aware at roll call earlier in the evening that there may be a party at 11 Iowa Street. On arrival, officers observed numerous cars illegally parked Officers then knocked several times at both the front and back door. Officers in the rear could hear a large number of people running up and down stairs inside the residence and telling people to be quiet because “They’re out back.” Eventually officers were able to gain entrance to the apartment. Police asked numerous times if the owner or renter was present. None of the partygoers claimed to know whose residence it was. Police ordered every person to leave. Police estimated the crowd to be over 250 people. One suspect resisted and was placed under arrest for Disturbing the Peace and Disorderly Person. After the apartment emptied out, the police recovered a firearm and ammunition, seized the DJ equipment, seized a medium sized bag containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana, towed two cars illegally parked and summonsed the owner of the home to court for Keeper of a Disorderly House and Disturbing the Peace.

Information Advisory

Boston Police Detect Indecent Assault & Battery Pattern in East BostonThe Boston Police Department has received four reports of Indecent Assault and Battery incidents that have occurred in East Boston. Preliminary findings suggest that three incidents share similarities. Boston Police will be increasing uniformed patrols to the area, conducting undercover surveillance and increasing outreach to community members via email and the Citizen Observer network. First Event Description: On Tuesday, February 13, 2007 at approximately 10:16 pm, 23-year-old white-Hispanic female states that she was walking on Eutaw Street she was approached from behind and slapped on the buttocks four times. Suspect then fled down Eutaw Street and turned left on Brooks Street. The suspect was described as an unknown male, 5’8”, slim build, white hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. Second Event Description: On Sunday, February 11, 2007 at approximately 7:55 am, 31-year-old white-Hispanic female reported that she was walking on Marion Street towards Morris Street when a suspect groped her breast and then fled towards Havre Street. The suspect is described as a young white male, 5’5”, black hair, black leather jacket and blue jeans. Third Event Description: On Friday, February 9, 2007 at approximately 12:35 am, 18 year-old white-Hispanic female was approached on Brooks Street and Trenton Street by a suspect from behind and groped the victim between her legs. The victim turned and asked the victim what he was doing and he then attempted to grab her again. The victim struck the suspect in the face and he fled on Trenton Street towards Putnam Street. The suspect is described as a white-Hispanic male, 5’6”, 28 years old, 160 lbs., has a small goatee, wearing a hooded gray jacket and blue jeans. Fourth Event Description: On Saturday, January 27, 2007 at approximately 9:50 pm, 29 year-old white-Hispanic female entered her hallway on Lexington Street and was approached from behind by a suspect who slapped her buttocks, grabbed her waist and attempted to push her into a hallway. When she turned to face the suspect he fled. The victim gave chase but lost the suspect on Princeton Street. The suspect is described as a white-Hispanic male wearing a red-hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. Anyone approached by someone fitting this description should take immediate precautions to get as far away as quickly as possible and call the police. Women are advised to walk against traffic, carry a cell-phone, and to try to not walk alone if possible. Officers are actively searching this area and ask anyone with information to please come forward with information. If you have experienced a similar situation or if you have information about these incidents please contact the District A-7 Detectives 617-343-4234 or the CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 1-800-494-TIPS.

Transcript: 12/13 Question and Answer Session

f_a2.jpgTranscript of a question and answer session following the announcement by Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis of a development in the Norfleet Homicide Investigation. Commissioner Davis was joined by Reverend Jeffrey Brown of Union Baptist Church, Reverend William Dickerson of Greater Love Tabernacle Church, and Reverend Darnell Williams, CEO of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts. QUESTION ONE: You talk about a collaboration with the community. What role if any did that play in the arrest? You said that the arrests were based on a traffic stop. And a subsequent investigation led to the finding of the weapons, and the linking of the weapons to the Norfleet murder. What role did community involvement or community collaboration play in this arrest, if any? ANSWER: The stop was made by several units of the Boston Police Department, but I think most notably one of the key individuals in this stop was a Boston Housing Officer. She has done a tremendous job in community policing outreach. She knows who the people are, in the areas of her responsibility, she knows them personally and that particular piece of information played a vital role in identifying the people responsible. I also want to stress that I can talk a lot about the community side of this, and I can probably answer all questions that I can, but on the homicide side of things, that investigation is very active and ongoing, so I’m going to be limited in what I can say

QUESTION: Are these weapons linked in any way to any other shootings? Or anything… Are you looking outside the State? ANSWER (Rev Brown:) I want to answer the first question. I believe that the collaboration as relates to Reverend Brown, Rev Culppepper, and of the Urban League Reverend Darnell Williams and others… we will send a message: let’s work together, let’s not promote any more violence, let’s promote peace. Lets not rush to judgment. So that’s where the collaboration comes in because the Police Commissioner, not even the Boston Police can handle all of Boston residents as it relates to us getting out the message. So the more tight and consent our collaboration is, as it relates to a positive message, that will help, I believe, curtail some things. That’s what I believe our collaboration will help in this regard. QUESTION: So in addition to forums like this, is that message being given personally, out on the street, and from pulpits, and meetings … ANSWER (Rev Brown): Exactly. QUESTION: Commissioner, I know you can’t discuss an ongoing investigation, but it’s clear from the charges, that the shooter hasn’t been identified? ANSWER: Correct QUESTION:And what about the weapons? Are you looking at the possibility of other crimes, maybe out of state -- ANSWER I can’t comment about this specific investigation, but as a matter of protocol all the crime guns that we confiscate are tested against other crimes, so that’s part of every ongoing investigation. QUESTION: When did the ballistic and fingerprint evidence come back? Late yesterday, or -- ANSWER I can’t get into details of when exactly things happened, it is all part of an ongoing investigation. QUESTION:Is there anything also that can be said about why he (suspect Jerome Brody) would be in possession of the guns that were used in the Norfleet killing but would not be considered a suspect? ANSWER I would not comment on that. QUESTION: He’s from Everett. Do we know what his relationship to that neighborhood is, and his relationship to Norfleet? ANSWER I don’t know about if there’s any relationship with the victim. I can tell you that we have several addresses on this individual. Everett has been one that popped up most frequently… but he was found in Boston early this morning, so he moves around, I can't say exactly where he's from. QUESTION: There’s no connection to that neighborhood? Had he lived there -- ANSWER (Rev Williams): One of the reasons we were, that we stated is that we don’t want to focus on if he has or hasn’t a specific address. The reasons we’re being very specific about that is we don’t want people jumping to conclusions; that we're not saying he's from whatever or wherever. We don’t want people to read into anything, so that we can make sure we keep the peace, and we promote peace. Because if you say he’s from East Boston, then that raises the ire in East Boston. If you say he's from Jamaica Plain, that brings in another reaction. What we are trying to say, is we do know he’s from Everett, not from anyplace else at this point in time, because we're trying to scale it down, make sure that we work in collaboration with the police until this thing gets resolved. So that’s the reasons why we, why we're emphasizing that it's not where he's from or whatever- right now we know he's from Everett. QUESTION:But there was concern about, you know, retaliations, between gangs in that neighborhood. You know, we keep focusing on ‘don't rush to judgment', and you’re saying he's not related to gang violence ANSWER (Rev Williams): All were saying is that we're trying to get on the front side of it, to tell everybody to take a chill pill, take a step back, not read into it, and as a result, that’s why the three of us are standing here saying that we're in partnership so you don’t have an issue of someone speculating or guessing. So what we do know is evident, and what we don’t know is that which we're going to leave as the investigation pursues onward. QUESTION: Mr. Norfleet was known for his efforts to bring about peace, to try and maintain the truce. What the status of the truce? Is it a frazzled truce, is it in jeopardy, what’s the assessment about things? ANSWER (Rev Dickerson): The status of the truce is that it still ongoing. We simply don't know the circumstances around the death of Jahmol Norfleet. So as a result of that, we are looking at this community and police-driven justice approach, as a way to bring answers, and to bring some resolution to this issue. We cannot revert to street rationale or street justice at this point. Our communities are too fragmented by violence in order for us to try perpetuate that with speculation. We need to have community justice to prevail over street justice at this point. That’s the message we’re trying to get through. QUESTION:What was Mr. Brody’s status in between December 4th and this morning - had he been released by police? Had he been in custody at any point prior to his -- ? ANSWER He was not in custody. He was released, due to the circumstances surrounding the … (unable to transcribe) However, evidence was developed to link him directly to the vehicle he was operating.

Transcript from 11/27 Media Availability

Below is a transcript of today's Q and A with Captain William Evans, Commander of District 4 (South End and Back Bay) regarding the increased Boston Police patrols on Newbury street.

QUESTION ONE: If I could ask you, sir, when those patrols start, and could you just give us an idea a little bit of the numbers in terms of if there's 1 or 2 extra officers per tour? ANSWER: Newbury Street we’ve had covered for some time, we’ve had officers full time on Newbury. With the holidays we’ve increased the patrols. Double, sometimes triple, just because we do that every year. I think anywhere you look, the shopping areas around the city - Mayor Menino, the Police Commissioner have put extra patrols out there. You see them at Downtown Crossing, you'll see them on Newbury St, and you’ll see them on Boylston St. We realize that people want to see the officers out there, realize that shopliftings do go up, so we do proactively put patrols out there. Anywhere there’s a busy shopping area, you’ll see an increase in patrols. It’s not a reaction to an increase in crime, its done every year. QUESTION TWO: Captain, can you give us some indication if you’ve had communication with the business owners on Newbury St, are they expressing any concerns about an increase in activity ANSWER: No, they really haven’t; I want to say about a month or two, we did have a rash of larcenies, and we had a robbery or two at the sunglass place down there, but we’ve proactively reached out to them. I know myself and Councilor Ross walked up and down Newbury St. about a month ago, reassuring all the businesses that, you know, we have a continued presence down there. We have a day walking officer, we have a night walking officer, so I think there’s this perception out there that things have been getting worse down there, but its just not true, you know. We’re seeing the statistics, and the shopkeepers for the most part were very happy. The night walking officer was something that we put into effect about 2 months ago, and they were thrilled that they had both day and nite coverage down there. They seem to be very happy. QUESTION THREE: Is there anything that you think the store owners themselves can do to try and perhaps protect themselves against this kind of thing? ANSWER Well, I think, again, with the holiday season, it’s a busy time, the stores are more crowded, I think they proactively have to keep an eye on who’s coming into their store, and if there’s any hint that maybe they’re up to no good reach out, call 911. I think I stressed that when I met with them a month ago, that if they see someone come into the store that just doesn’t fit, don't hesitate to call us. I mean, obviously I think having an extra sales person or 2 might help, because unfortunately a lot of shops down there, I think hire some young females to work the shop. Having, maybe, 1 or 2 store clerks won’t hurt. ... (unable to be heard) So there's some things they can do more. QUESTION FOUR: So, the 4 commercial burglaries and 1 robbery that occurred: That’s not any sort of up tick at all, compared to the 2 months prior to that? ANSWER No. In fact, I would say that things have calmed down. I think we had a little bit of a robbery pattern back in October, September, when we had a few stores that –actually, what happened was there was a shoplifting, basically, where the employee confronted the shoplifter and they might have gotten pushed- that turned it into a robbery. But we’ve had no serious incidents down there for the most part where, you know, it’s just a matter of shoplifting cases gone bad and it turns into a robbery. I would say over the last month or two, our statistics show things have gotten quieter. QUESTION FIVE: Captain- can you confirm that these new patrols have already started? We were down on Newbury St. for about 3 hours today, saw one officer. Is it more beefed up at nite? Has it already started? Is it being phased in? ANSWER: We have an officer down there - I don’t want to give the times, but down there full time. They should be down there and we have 2 pretty much covering the length of Newbury St. On days, on 1st halfs, so they should be out there. Newbury St.’s very busy, they’re dealing with a lot of issues down there, they’re taking reports, they’re tagging vehicles, so it's understandable that you're not going to see them all the time. They’re in and out of the stores, they’re visiting the merchants, so, you know, we try to make them as visible as possible. That being said, you’re not going to see them all the time QUESTION SIX: Is the night patrol permanent? ANSWER: Yes.


ClearChannel Boston Outdoor Donates Billboards to Buyback ProgramA Sampling of the 127 Collected “Buyback” Firearms To Be On Display WHO: Mayor Thomas M. Menino; Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief Albert E. Goslin; ClearChannel Boston Outdoor President Drew Hoffman; Boston Ten Point Coalition Executive Director Pastor WHAT: ClearChannel Outdoor has teamed up with Mayor Menino, the Boston Police Department and members of the community to heighten awareness for the 2006 Boston Gun Buyback, “Aim For Peace”. This event will unveil the first of thirty billboards to be located around the city. Participants will also share information related to the program’s increasing success. Many of the 127 guns collected will be on display. WHERE: Gun Buyback Billboard Washington Street (75 ft. South of Dimock Street) Roxbury WHEN: Friday June 16, 2006 10:00AM INFO: “Aim For Peace” is the latest action put forth by the Mayor’s Strategic Crime Council and it’s six-pronged crime strategy to aggressively address crime issues. Working closely with community partners, the development of this important program is intended to proactively take guns off the street and send a strong message to violent criminals that we will not allow our streets to be overridden with crime. Together, we are encouraging youth to reject a life of crime and violence and embrace a life of hope and peace. For more information on the Aim For Peace program, please call 1-888-GUNTIPS or visit

Juvenile Arrested at Dorchester High School

This morning at 9:25am, School Police Officers were patrolling the Noonan Business Academy when the officers observed a 16-year-old male student from Mattapan in the hallway. The officer stopped the student and conducted a threshold inquiry. The student was wearing a coat and through the coat the officer noticed what appeared to be a knife in the student’s pocket. Officers and school administrators recovered a knife from the suspect. In accordance with School policy, administrators also made arrangements to search the student’s locker. School Police along with School administrators responded to the student’s locker where he was asked to open his locker. After doing so, an administrator conducted a search and recovered a disassembled shotgun with ammunition inside a grey bag.The juvenile was placed under arrest and transported to District 3. He will be arraigned in the Juvenile Court and charged with Delinquency to wit: Possession of a Sawed Off Shot Gun, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition.

Transcript: 12/02/05 Question and Answer Exchange

The following is a transcript of a formal question and answer exchange between the Boston Globe and the Boston Police Department. The responses given to these questions were used to prepare an article that appeared in the December 6 edition of the Boston Globe.The questions asked were submitted by the Boston Globe. The replies were provided by the Boston Police Office of Media Relations. This is a full and complete transcript. Neither the questions nor the responses have been edited.

The following is a transcript of a formal question and answer exchange between the Boston Globe and the Boston Police Department. The responses given to these questions were used to prepare an article that appeared in the December 6 edition of the Boston Globe. The questions asked were submitted by the Boston Globe. The replies were provided by the Boston Police Office of Media Relations. This is a full and complete transcript. Neither the questions nor the responses have been edited. Friday, December 2, 2005 Regarding the existing re-entry program grant: Question One: When was this grant awarded? 2001 Question Two: How much money is involved? $1,141,155.02 Question Three: When does it expire? June 2006 Question Four: Has a decision been made to apply for renewal of this grant? The DOJ COPS & BJA grants are not renewable Question Five: What is the funding source -- that is, what is the name of the federal fund that the money comes from, and what federal agency does the money come through? In the last 5 years, the BRI has been supported through a collection of grants received from the Department of Justice - COPS Office, Bureau of Justice Statistics & SVORI Grant, and the MA Attorney General's Safe Neighborhood grant Regarding the Dept. of Labor Nov. 8 announcement of new grants under the President's Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative: Question Six: Was the application for a grant from this program submitted by the BMA and Boston police for money to expand the existing program, or to do something very different from the existing program? This grant was to expand the BRI program to include less serious offenders, plus potentially serve a small number of existing BRI clients. Question Seven: Were the accomplishments of the existing program cited in the application for this grant? Yes Question Eight: What were those accomplishments? See attached (PDF file)

Transcript: 11/30/05 Question and Answer Exchange

In what will become an ongoing feature of this blog, we are posting the transcript of a formal question and answer exchange between a media outlet and the Boston Police Department, in this case the Boston Globe. The responses given to these questions were used to prepare an article that appeared in the December 1 edition of the Boston Globe. (link here)Full transcript after the link

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