Office of the Police Commissioner

The Police Commissioner is the Executive Head of the Department and is responsible for the management, planning, direction and control of the Department.  
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Office of the Superintendent-In-Chief

Reporting directly to the Police Commissioner, the Superintendent-in-Chief is the highest-ranking police officer in the Department.  The Superintendent-in-Chief is responsible for the development, review, evaluation, and recommendation to the Police Commissioner of policies, procedures, and programs necessary to ensure the implementation of community policing and the effective delivery of police services to the public. 
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Bureau of Field Services

The Bureau of Field Services has primary responsibility for the implementation of Community Policing and the delivery of effective and efficient police services to the community, as well as primary responsibility for the delivery of general, tactical police services and joint Bureau operations, unless otherwise directed by the Police Commissioner. 
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Bureau of Investigative Services

The Bureau oversees the activities of the citywide investigative Divisions. 
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Bureau of Professional Standards

Reporting directly to the Police Commissioner, this Bureau has responsibility for ensuring that the professional standards and integrity of the Department and its members are maintained. 
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Bureau of Professional Development

Responsible for providing extensive training to all Department personnel, including student officers, in-service, and specialized training.  
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Bureau of Intelligence & Analysis

Management responsibility for implementing data and information fusion and facilitating the sharing of homeland security-related and crime-related information and intelligence.  BIA manages the overarching process of coordinating the flow of information across all bureaus of the department and across all levels and sectors of government and private industry.  Bureau efforts support risk-based, information-driven decision making and addresses immediate and/or threat-related circumstances and events by producing real-time, actionable intelligence products. 
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Bureau of Administration & Technology

Assists with the management, personnel, fiscal, maintenance, communication, and procurement functions required for the Department to accomplish its mission. 
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Bureau of Community Engagement

The Bureau is tasked with implementing the Commissioner’s vision of community policing throughout the city and the Department. The Bureau of Community Engagement will ensure that every District has a dedicated and consistent community policing effort, concentrating on building relationships in neighborhoods where they do not currently exist. The Bureau will further strengthen relationships and trust with community and community partners; create new partnerships and initiatives with the community and other agencies; and promote inclusion and diversity within the department, as well as working with marginalized and disenfranchised populations.