COMPSTAT provides a multifaceted and interactive approach to crime control and quality of life improvement through strategy development, personnel and resource management. At biweekly meetings held at Headquarters, Boston Police Department command staff members discuss current crime trends and patterns in each of the City’s eleven police districts.

Attendees include BPD Command Staff; district commanders; specialized unit commanders; representatives from support offices; and MBTA Transit police officers. The meetings empower commanders to address crime problems in their own districts through increased strategic planning and resource coordination at the local level.

The presentation of crime data analysis and geographic mapping of crime trends serves as an integral component of the COMPSTAT meetings. The Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) generates tables and maps that illustrate recent and long-term trends within each district, making it possible to detect patterns and hotspots. To aid discussion and strategy development, the BPD also uses a live mapping software program, CrimeShow.

Through the COMPSTAT meetings, BPD Command Staff creates best practices in Districts throughout the City. When new trends and challenges are identified, action items are recorded for future meetings. This process ensures the BPD continues to improve practices and works to address the changing needs of our communities.