Background checks are often required for jobs, volunteering opportunities, passport applications, internships, or government related endeavors. These checks may require a copy of your fingerprints for security measures.


Pricing will vary depending on the purpose of the fingerprints. If you are a member of a certain organization or group such as the Peace Corps or are a Boston Housing Authority resident, you may be entitled to a cost waiver.


Individuals with a fingerprinting card will be printed by a BPD staff member or officer. No appointment is necessary.

Please note: Individuals must bring a fingerprinting card to the police station as they are not provided by BPD. In most cases, the agency requesting fingerprints will provide a card. However, if they do not provide a card or an individual is requesting prints for personal records, cards may be obtained from the local FBI branch:

Federal Bureau of Investigations 
One Center Plaza, Suite #600 
Boston, MA 02108 
Phone: 617-742-5533


You may obtain fingerprinting services at the:

Boston Police Headquarters 
One Schroeder Plaza, Licensing Division 
Boston, MA 02120

Main Phone: 617-343-4200 
Licensing Division Phone: 617-343-6044