How You Can Help Us:

Our greatest resource in solving homicide cases is information from witnesses, family, friends and the community.  If you have any information regarding an ongoing investigation, you can always reach out to us in the following anonymous ways. 

How We Can Help You:

Navigating through this unfamiliar path while suffering the loss of a loved one or as a witness to a homicide can pose significant challenges. The Victim-Witness Service component of the BPD Homicide Unit advocates for witness and loved ones of victims during the stages of grief and recovery. If you are interested in learning more about how the BPD can help you, go to the Support Services for Families & Witnesses page.


Unsolved Homicides


Solved Homicides

A combination of great police work, courageous witness cooperation and community assistance all help to solve homicide cases. Although arrests have been made, the work goes on and the Boston Police Department continues to seek information regarding these and all homicide cases. If you are interested in looking for a specific case, go to the Solved Homicides page.


Homicide Year End Report

The purpose of these documents is to provide an annual review of the Boston Police Homicide Unit’s incidents, responses and effectiveness. These documents are created to provide an overview of the Homicide Unit and its responsibilities, as well as, its accomplishments and activities.

2017 Homicide Year End Report

2016 Homicide Year End Report

2015 Homicide Year End Report


Homicide Unit

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The Boston Police Homicide Unit serves as the lead investigative group for homicides, suspicious deaths, fatal collisions, cases in which the victim may die as the result of a criminal act, as well as the investigation of the sudden death of infants and those apparently stillborn.   The Boston Police Department is committed to providing Boston residents with professional and effective investigations. 

The objective of every homicide investigation is to bring the responsible person(s) before the court and obtain a guilty verdict.  Homicide investigators meticulously, carefully and thoroughly investigate all cases to ensure effective prosecution.  Since a case is built on legal requirements, rules of procedure must be followed.  Witness cooperation and truthfulness are paramount. 

The Homicide Unit is comprised of eight squads that are assigned on a rotating schedule to investigate a homicide.  One squad, comprised of a sergeant detective and 2-3 detectives, is assigned as the lead investigative squad for each homicide.  Additional personnel are assigned to assist as needed. The Homicide Unit also contains the Cold Case Squad and the Fatal Collision Investigation Team.  Any person with information pertaining to a homicide is urged to contact the Boston Police Homicide Unit at 617-343-4470.


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