Update to Internal Investigation into the 2012 Edwin Alemany Case

BPD’s Bureau of Professional Standards, Internal Affairs Unit has completed a thorough investigation into the 2012 incident involving Edwin Alemany.  The investigation focused on the conduct of the Detective assigned to the case and the conduct of the Detective’s Supervisors.

Previously, on July 30, 2013 Commissioner Davis removed Detective Jerome Hall Brewster’s Detective rating and reassigned him to the rank of patrol officer.  The Police Commissioner found Hall-Brewster failed to complete several investigatory steps during the 2012 investigation, after having been ordered to complete them by his supervisors.  Additionally, Hall-Brewster was the subject of a previous internal affairs matter where similarly he failed to properly ensure a thorough investigation.  Hall-Brewster appealed the Commissioner’s decision and his appeal remains open.

Lieutenant Detective Patrick Cullity, the commanding officer of the detectives assigned to District B-2, has been issued a written reprimand and the two Sergeant Detectives who had direct command of Hall-Brewster, Sergeant Detective Timothy Horan and Sergeant Detective Thomas O’Leary, have been issued oral reprimands for failing to ensure that the case was properly investigated.  Additionally, Lt. Det. Cullity has been ordered to attend management training.  While the investigation showed supervisors initially provided Hall-Brewster with investigative guidance, the case subsequently was not properly tracked and all possible investigative steps were not taken.  None of the supervisors  has  prior disciplinary histories with the Department.   

As a result of the internal affairs review of this case, the following system enhancements have been / are being implemented: 

  • Full inventory was conducted  all pending cases in B2, including aggravated assaults, armed robberies, unarmed robberies, residential B&E’s, and commercial B&E’s for 2013.
  • Standardized protocols for Detectives and Detective Supervisors on case review, case management and case transfers.
  • Training for all Detective Supervisors on the protocols and expectations on case review, case management and case transfers
  • A mandate that all detectives consistently utilize the current and the new and improved case management system scheduled for implementation in  January.  
  • New case records management system scheduled for implementation in 2014.

The 2012 case in which Edwin Alemany is considered a person of interest remains an active investigation.