Red Sox World Series and Safety Message

The Red Sox have advanced to the World Series after a thrilling victory over Detroit in the American League Championship Series.  Now the Red Sox have moved on to the Championship vs. Saint Louis.  Last Saturday night we had no neighborhood issues as the Red Sox fans celebrated both inside and outside Fenway Park with passion and pride.  It was a great victory and a joyous celebration that showed the nation that Red Sox fans are the best.

Now we must duplicate that pride as we move on to the World Series.  Here are a couple of points we want you to be aware of;

  • Kenmore Square and areas around Fenway will be off limits should the Red Sox win the World Series.  Road closures will be in place to prevent such movement.   
  • We continue to expect everyone to celebrate responsibly and make this a great time to be part of Red Sox Nation.  Disruptive and disorderly behavior will not be tolerated and may result in arrest and prompt notification of your college for disciplinary action.

In closing, we just want to remind everyone how resilient and proud Boston has been over the last six months following the marathon.  Let’s continue the great spirit we have in Boston and exhibit the great enthusiasm we have for our Red Sox as they make Boston stronger than ever.

We Are Boston Strong

We Are Red Sox Nation