October is Crime Prevention Month

Since 1984, the National Crime Prevention Council has designated October as crime prevention month. To raise awareness, the Boston Police Department is offering weekly crime prevention tips. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

This week’s theme is Cyber Safety.  Please see the attached list from the National Crime Prevention Council, and share; especially with teens!    

For more information please visit the National Crime Prevention Council at



Safe Social Networking 

  • Be careful about posting your current location or your upcoming plans. You may not want everyone in your network to have that information. 
  • Don’t post any identifying information on a social website. This includes your full name, your phone number, and your address. 
  • Be careful of any links that ask you to post your social network information on an outside site. These sites are often created by scammers looking to steal your account and scam your friends in your name. 
  • Investigate and understand the privacy options of the social network you intend to use or are using, and make sure they work the way you think they do. 
  • Most social networking websites let users set their profiles to private so that only their friends—usually defined as people that know their full name or email address—can contact them.  Make sure your profile is set to private. 
  • Just because you are using privacy settings, you should still be careful with your personal or financial information; you can’t be sure with whom your friends might share the information. 
  • Don’t accept requests or messages from people you don’t know. They might be scam artists.
  • Never post pictures of a sexual nature of yourself or someone else online.
  • Be aware that online information lives forever. Be careful about what you post. College admissions personnel and job recruiters often check out personal information on social websites while weighing their decisions. One day, this will be very important. 
  • Some people you may meet in social websites may not be who they say they are. They may pretend to be someone else. You should never meet face-to face with someone you’ve met online.
  • Never give out your password to anyone but your parent or guardian. If you see something that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell your parent or guardian right away. Likewise, tell them if anything happens online that hurts or scares you.