Police Summons Four in Undercover Drug Paraphernalia Distribution Sting


At about, 4:15 PM, Monday, November 25, 2013, the Drug Control Unit along with officers from DistrictA-1 (Downtown) conducted a month long Drug Paraphernalia Distribution Investigation in the area of 170 Tremont St., Downtown (Char So Bees Smoke Shop).

Throughout the course of the investigation, officers, acting in an undercover capacity, purchased drug paraphernalia six times from the owner and employees of the Char So Bees shop.

On arrival, officers made a peaceful entry and encountered the person in charge working in the store. Officers showed the search warrant to the employee, who notifed the store owner. During the execution of the search warrant the following items were seized: 

  •  Fourteen (14) Digital Pocket Scales
  • Three (3) AWS Cell Phone Digital Scales
  • Five (5) Digiweigh Digital Chrome Scales
  • Five (5) AWS Mini CD Scales
  • Six (6) AWS Digital Scales
  • Two (2) AWS Mini Onyx Scales
  • One (1) Digital CD Scale
  • Five (5) Fuzion Digital Pocket Scales
  • Two (2) Fuzion Rogue Scales
  • Two (2) Digiweigh Wallet Scales
  • One (1) Fastweigh Digital Pocket Scale
  • One (1) AWS Card/Digital Pocket Scale
  • One (1) Orange Fanta Hide/Stash Can
  • One (1) A&W Root Beer Hide/Stash Can
  • One (1) Sunkist Hide/Stash Can
  • One (1) Dr. Pepper Hide/Stash Can
  • One (1) Ajax Hide/Stash Can
  • One Hundred & Forty-Nine (149) Drug Grinders of various shape, size, and styles
  • Fifty-Three (53) Chillum Glass Pipes of various shape, size, and styles
  • One Hundred & Five (105) Glass Pipes of various shape, size, and styles
  • Personal Papers
  • One (1) Small, Glass Tube Crack-Pipe

Four offenders were issued summonses to appear in Boston Municipal Court. All face  charges including Drug Paraphernalia Distribution and Park Zone Violations.