The Grinch who Almost Stole Christmas

About 2:15 PM on Tuesday 12/10/13 officers responded to a radio call for a larceny in progress on East Sixth Street. Officers were provided a description of a white male wearing a black jacket and blue pants ripping open mail from inside of UPS packages of 616 East Sixth Street. The suspect was said to have fled on foot from 616 East 6th Street towards K Street. Officers observed a male that matched the description of the suspect and stopped him on East 5th Street.  The suspect informed officers he was going to the L Street bath house for a workout. Officers had the suspect open his black bag to see what he had inside. The black bag contained a pair of gloves. An officer patted down the suspect for safety and felt a bulge in his right jacket pocket. The suspect had a UPS shipping receipt wrinkled up for a resident of East Fifth Street and a blue Patriots knitted cap.

Officers were able to make contact with a witness who informed them that he walked towards his window to see what his dog was barking at and observed a white male wearing a black jacket and blue sweat pants crouched down on the sidewalk in front of 616 East 6th Street close to the alley way. The male was punching open UPS boxes and throwing items into a black bag. Officers were informed by the witness that the suspect threw away some of the items onto the ground. Officers searched K Street in between East Fifth and East 6th Street and found UPS packaging and items outside of packages around 301 K Street underneath a motor vehicle. The items recovered were addressed to different residences on East Fifth Street. The witness was able to positively confirm that suspect was the same male he saw punching open UPS packages in front of  616 East Sixth Street.

Daniel Doyle, 44, of South Boston was arrested and will be charged with Larceny and arraigned in South Boston District Court.