Foot Chase in Mattapan Enables Police to Arrest One and Recover a Firearm

At about 6:51pm, on Tuesday, December 10, 2013, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) were on patrol and observed a group of individuals (approximately 4 – 5) standing in front of  40 Woolson Street.

Upon seeing the approaching officers, the suspects appeared startled and took off running through several backyards. After losing sight of the suspects, officers were able to catch up to the group in the area of 15 Hosmer Street. As officers approached the group a second time, one of the individuals again took off running while the rest of the group remained stationary. After a brief foot chase, officers were able to catch up to and detain the suspect in the area of Goodale and Blue Hill Ave. When asked to explain his reason for running, the suspect stated to officers that he believed he had warrants. 

While the suspect was being detained, officers – in an effort to locate any evidence that may have been discarded - retraced the steps taken by the group during their initial effort to elude the officers. While canvassing the area and retracing the steps taken by the suspects, officers located and took possession of a loaded firearm.

Officers arrested Mandell Johnson, 20, of Newton and charged him with Trespassing and Disorderly Conduct.  Additional charges could be pending as it relates to the firearm. When questioned about the firearm, the suspect stated that the firearm did not belong to him.