Q&A with Boston Police Academy Instructor Sgt. Gary Eblan

Sgt. Gary Eblan addressing Recruit Class 53-13 during the first week of Academy Training.

On Monday, December 9, 2013, ninety seven recruits reported to the Boston Police Academy at 85 Williams Ave in Hyde Park with high hopes of successfully completing the seven month academy training program required off all Boston Police Officers. Sgt. Gary Eblan, a 24 year veteran of the BPD, has been the Boston Police Academy’s Registrar since 2007 and he recently sat down with BPDNews to share the following insights and experiences as they relate to working at the academy, training recruits and, in particular, Recruit Class 53-13.

BPDNews: Do you enjoy your job?

Eblan: I’ve enjoyed all my assignments since joining the BPD.

BPDNews: Best advice to an incoming recruit officer? 

Eblan: Blame no one. Be accountable. And always be on time.

BPDNews: What's the best way to make a bad first impression?

Eblan: Report to the academy unprepared and unwilling to do the work.

BPDNews: What's your early assessment of Class 53-13?

Eblan: If they do the work, we will have them trained and prepared upon graduation.

BPDNews: You've lost some recruits ... why do most recruits drop out?

Eblan: Lack of preparation.

BPDNews: What's the one character trait, skill or talent all successful police officers must have?

Eblan: Superb communication skills are a must.