Q&A with Boston Police Academy Instructor Police Officer John Ezekiel

Police Officer John Ezekiel addressing members of Recruit Class 53-13 during the first week of Academy Training.

Approximately two weeks ago, on Monday, December 9, 2013, ninety seven recruits reported to the Boston Police Academy on Williams Street in Hyde Park with high hopes of successfully completing the seven month academy training program required off all Boston Police Officers. Police Officer John Ezekiel, a 17 year veteran of the BPD, has been teaching at the Boston Police Academy since 2007 and he recently took a few moments of out of his busy schedule to sit down with BPDNews to share some of his early observations and insights as they relate to working at the academy, training recruits and, in particular, Recruit Class 53-13.

BPDNews: Do you enjoy your job?

Ezekiel: Very much so.  

BPDNews: Best advice to an incoming recruit officer?

Ezekiel: Prior preparation – both physical and mental - is key. When you show up for day one, show up ready to go.

BPDNews: What's the best way to make a bad first impression?

Ezekiel: Appearance is the first thing we see. So a sloppy uniform is not a good first step. How you look says a lot about who you are. 

BPDNews: What's your early assessment of Class 53-13?

Ezekiel: There are several recruit officers who appear to have prepared themselves in advance of this training but there are also more than a few who should’ve done more.

BPDNews: You've lost some recruits ... why do most recruits drop out?

Ezekiel: Lack of preparation.

BPDNews: What's the one character trait, skill or talent all successful police officers must have?

Ezekiel: The ability to multitask and transition from one situation to another is vital. Success in this profession is multidimensional but sound communication skills are essential. An example: transitioning from a confrontational situation with an uncooperative suspect to speaking calmly or gently to a lost child. The job demands a lot and, when situations change, you have to be able to change with them.