Two Suspects arrested for Assault and Battery on a Victim over 65 years old in the area of River Street in Mattapan


At about 6:24PM on Monday, July 22, 2013, an officer assigned to District B-3 (Mattapan) observed an assault and battery in progress in the area of 530 River Street (Church of the Holy Spirit).

The officer heard a male screaming for help in the parking lot of the Church of the Holy Spirit. Upon approach the officer observed three men involved in a violent physical assault. Two male suspects were on top of a third elderly male victim, 71 years old. Both were holding the victim down to the ground and punching him. The officer exited his department cruiser and began giving verbal demands for the parties to separate. The officer observed suspect#1 pulling at the victim’s pockets and punching him with a close fist. Suspect#2 was holding the victim down with his knees and punching him with a close fist. The parties involved reported to the officers they had been drinking alcohol prior to police arrival, when an argument ensued. Officers observed the victim to have injuries to the back of his head, both arms and knees. The elderly victim was transported to Carney Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Both suspects, Jerome Hollins, 50, of Mattapan and Carlton Spence, 51, of Mattapan were arrested and charged with Assault and Battery on Victim over 65 years old. They are expected to be arraigned in Dorchester District Court.