City of Boston Traffic Advisory: Caribbean Carnival Parades and Red Bull Cliff Diving


City of Boston Traffic Advisory

Caribbean Carnival Parades and Red Bull Cliff Diving

Events taking place in Boston will bring additional activity to local streets this weekend.  The Boston Transportation Department is advising drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians alike to take extra care to obey the rules of the road and to be considerate of others traveling on local streets.  Those coming into the City to attend these events are encouraged to leave their private vehicles at home and take the MBTA.

Saturday, August 24

The Annual Caribbean Carnival will be held in Boston's Franklin Park. 

The Carnival will include two parades that will necessitate the closure of streets to vehicular traffic as well as the implementation of several temporary parking restrictions.  Traffic delays should be expected.

The Jouvert Parade will step off at 5:30 AM on Blue Hill Avenue at Morton Street and will proceed up Blue Hill Avenue to the Circuit Drive entrance (Peabody Circle) to Franklin Park.

At 1:00 PM, the Carnival Parade will begin on Warren Street at Martin Luther King Boulevard and will proceed on Warren Street to Blue Hill Avenue ending at the Circuit Drive entrance (Peabody Circle) to Franklin Park.  .

Temporary "Tow Zone, No Stopping, Saturday" signs will be posted at the following locations to accommodate this event.

  • American Legion Highway, median island, for both directions of travel, from Blue Hill Avenue to Canterbury Street
  • Blue Hill Avenue, east side (inbound side), from Morton Street to American Legion Highway, and both sides, from American Legion Highway to Warren Street
  • Dale Street, both sides, from Walnut Avenue to the driveways near and opposite #56 Dale Street, and both sides, from Sherman Street to Warren Street
  • Columbia Road, both sides,from Blue Hill Avenue to Seaver Street
  • Glenway Street, both sides, from Blue Hill Avenue past Old Road to #11 Glenway Street
  • Glenway Street School Yard, along the fence abutting Glenway Street facing vehicles in the lot, for EMS purposes.
  • Martin Luther King Boulevard, both sides, from Warren Street to Washington Street
  • Old      Road, both sides, from Glenway Street to Columbia Road
  • Seaver Street, both sides, from Blue Hill Avenue to a point 300 feet westerly, at      approximately #280
  • Warren Street, both sides, from Martin Luther King Boulevard to Blue Hill Avenue
  • Circuit Drive, both sides, from Blue Hill Avenue to Morton Street
  • Walnut Avenue, Franklin Park side, from Seaver Street      to Sigourney Street
  • Sigourney Street, Franklin Park side, from Walnut Avenue      to Glen Road

Sunday, August 25

The Red Bull Cliff Diving at the Institute of Contemporary Art

Depending on the size of the crowd attending this event, it may be necessary to close Northern Avenue to vehicular traffic for periods of time between 11 AM and 6 PM.  In addition, temporary “Tow Zone No Stopping Boston Police Special Event Sunday” parking regulations will be in effect at the following location.

  • Northern Avenue, both sides, from Seaport Boulevard to Sleeper Street.