Boston Police Human Trafficking Unit, Providence Police Vice Unit, Department of Homeland Security Recover a 15 year old Runaway from Boston

In 2012, the Boston Police Human Trafficking Unit began an investigation into sex trafficking allegations regarding Troy Footman. Footman was believed to be recruiting young women from the Boston area and traveling with them to Rhode Island. Detective Louise O’Malley of the Boston Police Human Trafficking Unit in cooperation with Sgt. David Enos of Seekonk Police Department and Homeland Security also began investigating the allegations.

Boston Police Detective David Edwards of E-5 (West Roxbury) contacted the Human Trafficking Unit for assistance as he received information that a 15 year old female, missing from his district may be in Rhode Island being exploited. Sgt. Enos was also informed that the female may be at Cheaters Strip Club in Providence Rhode Island.

Sgt. Det. Gavin of the Boston Police Human Trafficking Unit, Sgt. Aspinwall and Sgt. Tejada of the Providence PD Vice Unit, members of the Department of Homeland Security recovered the 15 year old runaway from Boston who was working at the club. At about the same time, Footman and two women from Boston were observed in the parking lot at Cheaters. As Footman drove away from the club, he was arrested for violations of the auto laws.

Troy Footman was charged with Driving without a License and Sex Trafficking of a Minor in Providence and Failure to Register as a Sex offender in Seekonk. Footman is expected to face additional charges.

“Due to a coordinated effort of various dedicated law enforcement detectives, and the perseverance of Det. O’Malley of the Human Trafficking Unit, two 15 year old victims of violence and exploitation at the hands of Footman, were recovered and are now safe.” Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said, “I am proud of the dedicated detectives who worked tirelessly to get this predator off the streets.”

This offender was known to the Commissioner when he was the Chief of Police in Lowell where he worked with Federal Agents to prosecute this offender in the past.

An Act Relative to the Commercial Exploitation of People went into effect February 19th, 2012, which allows the state of Massachusetts to charge suspects in these types of cases.