Drug Control Unit Arrests Two Suspects in the area of Dorchester Avenue, South Boston


At about 1:30PM, Wednesday, July 31, 2013, officers from the District B-2 Drug Control Unit made two arrests during a drug investigation, in the area of 578 Dorchester Avenue, South Boston.

While on vehicle surveillance, officers observed three individuals in a blue Subaru Forester in a parking lot at 578 Dorchester Avenue engaging in suspicious behavior believed to be that of a street level drug transaction.

Officers observed two individuals in the car: female suspect Erica Boudreault , 25, of Weymouth, in the driver’s seat, and an unidentified male in the passenger seat. A male suspect, Pierre Guay, 24, of Chelmsford, soon joined the other two individuals in the back seat of the car. Boudreault then drove the vehicle out of the parking lot onto Dorchester Street.

Boudreault drove down the street and quickly pulled over to let Guay out of the car before continuing down Dorchester Street. Officers approached Guay and identified themselves and asked the suspect if he had anything on him. After answering ‘no,’ officers asked if they could search his person. Guay responded ‘yes,’ and officers discovered one Marlboro Cigarette box containing numerous drugs in pill form. Guay was arrested and charged with Possession Class C, Drugs.

Other officers continued to follow Boudreault in her car until she parked on G Street and 4th Street. Boudreault exited her car and began walking back and forth, while talking on her cell phone. Officers then approached Boudreault and asked if they could look in her bag, the suspect responded ‘yes.’ An officer then asked if there was anything in her bag that might stick him, the suspect replied ‘yes’ and informed officers of a needle in her wallet. Officers then recovered two pill bottles with numerous pills in each. Boudreault was arrested and charged with Possession Class C, Drugs.

Both are expected to appear in South Boston District Court.