Boston Police Drug Control Unit Investigation into “Molly” Lands Two Behind Bars

On Friday, September 6, 2013, officers from the City Wide Drug Control Unit and District C-6 Day Drug Control Unit (South Boston), and District E-5 Drug Control Unit (West Roxbury) arrested Daniel Milisi, 29, of South Boston and charged him with Possession With Intent to Distribute Class B Drugs and Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws. Officers also arrested suspect, Joseph Doolin, 36, of Quincy for Possession With Intent to Distribute Class B and Class C Drugs and Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws.

The arrests were the result of an on-going online drug investigation.  Officers arranged to purchase 1.5 grams of “Molly” MDMA powder for an undisclosed amount of money.  The suspect agreed to meet the officers in the area of 150 Northern Avenue, South Boston at 7:15pm.  The suspect stated to officers his name was “Dan”, he lived in South Boston and would be arriving with another person in the motor vehicle. 

Officers set up surveillance in the area and observed a silver Chevrolet pick-up, pull up in front of Whiskey Priest Bar occupied by two males. Officers observed the passenger, later identified as suspect Daniel Milisi, exit the passenger side of the motor vehicle and approach the front of Whiskey Priest and repeatedly look inside the windows while making a phone call on his cell phone. Officers then observed suspect Milisi enter Whiskey Priest and subsequently make another phone call to inform the buyer to come inside, he was located next to the women's bathroom.  Officers entered the bar and approached the suspect and identified themselves at Boston Police Officers.  The suspect attempted to place a small plastic bag from his hand into his mouth. Officers were able to gain control of the suspects arm and the bag fell to the floor.  Officers observed white crystal like substance believed to be MDMA “Molly.”

Officers subsequently approached the operator of the pick-up truck outside and observed the operator, Joseph Doolin sitting in the front seat.  Officers informed suspect Doolin that his friend had been placed under arrest for violation of the drug laws and inquired if any additional drugs or weapons were located on his person or in the motor vehicle and the Doolin replied, “No”.  Officers requested Doolin exit the motor vehicle and he complied.  Officers conducted a pat frisk and discovered a small plastic bag containing 5 whole and 2 pieces of Suboxone pills and 1 Percocet.

Both suspects are expected to be arraigned at South Boston District court on Monday, September 9, 2013.