Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Footprints in the Snow Lead Police to Suspect Wanted for Breaking and Entering on Tremont Street in Roxbury


At about 6:20pm, on January 21, 2014 officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to a call for a breaking and entering in progress at 1574 Tremont Street.

On arrival, officers spoke with a male victim who stated that he arrived home to find that his apartment had been broken into. At which point, the victim states that he called his roommates to double check that they were not home and both roommates confirmed they were not inside the apartment. After placing a call to 911 to report the break, the victim walked around the back of his apartment and noticed that the side window of the apartment was open.

In the backyard of 1574 Tremont Street, officers noticed what appeared to be fresh footprints made in the snow that had been falling since the late afternoon. Officers followed the freshly made footprints which lead around a fence to the next street over which was Torpie Street.  Once on Torpie Street, officers followed the fresh footprints down a driveway located at 2 Torpie Street. At the end of the driveway, officers observed a female standing on the back porch with a gym bag around her shoulder.  Officers approached the female and asked, "Do you live here?" The female replied that she didn't but was waiting for a friend. Officers then asked the female what she had in her bag and she stated it was her computer.  Already aware the victim had a laptop computer stolen, officers asked what kind of computer it was and she stated that she didn't know.

Further investigation confirmed that both the gym bag and the computer belonged to the male victim. Officers also located inside the bag several personal papers belonging to the victim.

Erika Pizzi, 23, of Cambridge was arrested and charged with Buying, Receiving or Concealing Stolen Goods.  She is expected to appear in West Roxbury District Court today.