Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Call for an Illegal Apartment Enables BPD Officers to Rescue Several Mistreated Canines in Dorchester


At about 11:23am, on Thursday, January 23, 2014, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to a call to investigate an address for a possible illegal apartment in the area of 8 Glenrose Road in Dorchester. On arrival, officers met with a building inspector who had also been called to the scene to investigate the same report of an illegal apartment located in the basement of the aforementioned address. While attempting to gain entry to the basement, officers heard what sounded like dogs barking. After knocking on the door for several minutes, the door was finally opened by an individual who stated that he was living in the basement. When the door opened, officers immediately detected a strong odor of what smelled like dog urine and feces. Moreover, officers observed three cages occupied by three separate dogs. Upon seeing the dogs, officers also observed large amounts of feces and urine in and around the cages. 

Due to the loud, excessive barking of the dogs and the pungent odors emanating from the basement, officers asked the apartment dweller to step outside in an effort to conduct a more effective conversation. Once outside, the suspect became agitated after officers explained to him that a protective sweep of the basement needed to be conducted to ensure the safety of the officers, as well as, the building inspector who needed to further inspect the location. While clearing the basement, officers located two additional dogs who also appeared to be mistreated.

Arrested was Tracey Young, 22, of Dorchester. Young is charged with Operating an Illegal Kennel, Resisting Arrest and Cruelty to Animals (5 Counts).