One Less Gun: Shotspotter Activation Allows Officers to Recover Illegal Firearm in Mattapan


At about 11:53 PM on Thursday, October 9, 2014, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) recovered an illegal firearm in the area of 16 Bradlee Street in Dorchester. 

While on patrol, officers were directed to the area of the above location for a Shotspotter activation. While canvassing the area, officers were drawn to the rear basement door of a residence in the area where the occupants were seemingly having a heated discussion about a fight that had just occurred. Officers lawfully approached the front door of the residence and spoke to the homeowner who allowed officers to check the basement of her residence to make sure that nobody was injured. Upon entering the basement, officers were met by five males standing around a pool table. Officers located a silver .22 caliber hand gun with a brown handle loaded with one live round of ammunition and one spent shell. All of the males stated that they did not know about the firearm nor did they hear the gun shot. Officers identified the males, subsequently arresting one of them for a default warrant out of Quincy District Court. The firearm was sent to the crime lab where it will be dusted for fingerprints an further processed.