Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Two Juvenile Females Arrested for Assault and Battery Following Attack on McDonald's Employee in Dorchester


At about 8:39 PM on Monday, October 27, 2014, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) were alerted to a fight in the area of 605 Washington Street (McDonalds) in Dorchester.

On arrival, officers observed the 41-year-old female victim covered in saliva, crying at the above location. The victim, the restaurant’s manager, stated that she had observed a group of several female juveniles loitering inside of the restaurant for over an hour without purchasing food. When the victim approached the suspects and asked them to leave, they began to verbally insult her. At this time, a male entered the restaurant, purchased food, and shared it with the group. Upon finishing their food, one of the females approached the victim and threw a drink at her. The victim then walked towards to the exit and again asked the group to leave. At this time, one of the suspects spat on the victim. The suspects then picked up chairs and threatened the victim. Bystanders interceded but suddenly the suspects began to attack the victim, beating her viciously with closed fists. A female inside of the store attempted to help the victim by getting in between her and the suspects when the suspects turned their attack on her, striking her with closed fists as well. The suspects then attempted to flee with the victim’s glasses, her phone, both of which had been broken during the altercation, as well as her wig. Officers arrived on scene and were able to apprehend two of the juvenile females who were positively identified at the scene. Officers searched the area for the third suspect to no avail.

Officers arrested a 14-year-old female juvenile of Dorchester and a 15-year-old female juvenile of Dorchester. Both are charged with Delinquent to Wit: Assault and Battery by means to wit Chair, Assault and Battery with Injuries, and Trespassing.