Great Work Recognized: Commissioner's Commendations Awarded to District B-2 Officers


Today, Thursday, October 9, 2014, Commissioner’s Commendations were awarded to District B-2 Officers Kevin Plunkett and Domenic Columbo. On September 15, 2014, Officers Plunkett and Columbo responded to a radio call for a person stabbed in the area of 76 Perrin Street. On arrival, officers located the unresponsive victim suffering from a critical stab wound in his leg. The officers immediately applied direct pressure to the victim’s wound and created a tourniquet with his belt in an effort to combat the worsening situation. EMS arrived on scene and transported the seemingly lifeless victim to an area hospital where the outcome seemed grave. Hours later, the officers were contacted by the surgeon who stated that the officers’ application of the tourniquet saved the victim’s life. For their immediate response and life-saving efforts, we say thank you to Officers Plunkett and Columbo.