Mayor Menino's Final Ride Home Departs Faneuil Hall at 10:45am on Monday, November 3, 2014

Menino’s Final Ride Home: On Monday, November 3, 2014, Mayor Menino’s Funeral Procession will depart from Faneuil Hall at 10:45am on its way to the Most Precious Blood Church in Hyde Park. As the procession winds its way through the city, community members are encouraged to line the procession route – see directions below - as it passes by several locations near and dear to the former mayor’s heart:  

Depart Faneuil Hall at 10:45am:

• Left on North St.

• Left on Congress St.

Pass by Boston City Hall

• Right on State St.

• State St. becomes Court St.

• Left on Tremont St.

• Right on Park St.

• Left on Beacon St.

Pass by Parkman House

• Beacon St. outbound across Mass. Ave.

Pass through Kenmore Square/Boston Univ.

• Left on Brookline Ave.

Around Fenway Park

• Left on Lansdowne St.

• Right on Ipswich St.

• Right on Van Ness St.

• Right on Yawkey Way

• Left on Brookline Ave.

• Right on Park Drive.

• Around the island.

• Left on The Riverway.

• Cross Brookline Ave. becomes The Fenway.

• The Fenway becomes Louis Prang St.

• Cross Huntington Ave. becomes Ruggles St.

• Left on Tremont.

• Right on Melnea Cass Blvd.

• Right on Washington St.

Pass through Dudley Square

• Left on Dudley St.

• Right on Warren St.

• Right on Blue Hill Ave.

Pass through Grove Hall

• Blue Hill Ave. outbound.

Pass through Franklin Park

• Left on Columbia Rd.

• Right on Geneva Ave.

• Right on Bowdoin St.

Pass through Bowdoin & Geneva

• Bowdoin St. toward Washington St. 

• Cross Washington St. becomes Harvard St.

• Left on Blue Hill Ave.

• Blue Hill Ave. outbound toward Mattapan Square.

Pass by the Mattapan Library

• Right on River St.

• Right on Cummins Hwy.

• Cummins Hwy. toward Roslindale Square.

• Right on Washington St.

• Left on South St.

Pass through Roslindale Square

• Left on Poplar St.

• Right on Washington St.

• Washington St. outbound toward Dedham.

• Left on Enneking Pkwy.

• Through four-way intersection becomes Turtle Pond Pkwy.

• Left on River St. toward Cleary Square.

• Right on Hyde Park Ave.

• Left on Pine St.

• Left on Maple St.

Arrival at Most Precious Blood Church.