BPD Photo of the Day

BPD Photo of the Day: Gotta Love This!!! Officers assigned to the Boston Police School Police Unit are always interacting with and visiting area schools to provide services and build relationships with our city’s young people. During school visits, officers often talk to the kids about their personal safety and steps they can take to ensure it. After such discussions, officers always bring along and distribute BPD patches to the kids as a way of thanking them for paying attention during the discussions. During a recent trip to the Blackstone Elementary School located at 380 Shawmut Ave, one of the 3rd Grade students was so excited to receive her BPD Patch that, when she returned to school the next day, the patch, which had been sewn into her shirt, was on full display for all to see. For that, we say: “You are so welcome and thanks for proudly displaying the colors of the BPD!!!"