Mutual Respect in the Form of a Note & a Flower


Mutual Respect in the Form of a Note & a Flower: During today’s demonstration, one demonstrator in particular left a hugely positive impression on several members of the Boston Police Department. One of the demonstrators made a point to go out of her way to send a message that was warmly received and appreciated by every officer who received it. The demonstrator in question was seen handing out flowers (white carnations) with notes attached that read: “We don’t hate you.” To the demonstrator who passed out the notes, we say thank you and the feelings are certainly shared. Said Superintendent Robert Merner, who gladly accepted and proudly wore the flower: “It meant a lot. It really did. We respect the people out here more than they know. We respect their right to gather and voice their opinions. Obviously, we’re here to make sure they do it in a safe, respectful and responsible manner. But – we don’t dislike anybody and it was nice to see that the feelings are mutual.”