This LIPSTICK (Ladies Involved in Putting a Stop to Inner-City Killings) is Designed to Saves Lives


 MBTA riders in Boston will soon be seeing ads for LIPSTICK, a groundbreaking ad campaign designed to warn, educate and advise women against buying, hiding or carrying guns that, ultimately, end up being used in crimes. The ad shows a striking image of a woman in handcuffs with an accompanying headline that reads: “His Crime, Your Time – Holding his gun can land you in jail.” Today, Tuesday, February 25, 2014, Mayor Martin Walsh, Police Commissioner William Evans, District Attorney Dan Conley, Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley along with other law enforcement partners and community leaders met at Ruggles MBTA Station for a press conference launching the new LIPSTICK ad campaign encouraging women to make choices that could save lives and their futures. 

Said LIPSTICK Program Director Ruth Collins: “LIPSTICK helps women understand we have the power to make our community a safer place starting today. We have the power to stop hiding and buying guns that will be used to take another person’s life.”

“The women of the LIPSTICK campaign are taking meaningful action now to prevent women and young girls from getting caught up in gun trafficking,” said Mayor Martin Walsh. “I’m proud to partner with Operation LIPSTICK and am grateful for their leadership in empowering women to be part of the effort to make our neighborhoods safer.” 

Said Boston Police Commissioner William Evans: “I commend the women of LIPSTICK for taking this very courageous and important stand. Working together we can do great things for our city as we all work together to make our city a safer place. We all want peace in our city and with groups like LIPSTICK working with us, there’s no reason we can’t do great things.” 

LIPSTICK Overview:
LIPSTICK is a groundbreaking peer-to-peer education, community organizing and social service intervention program to curb crime gun trafficking. LIPSTICK was developed in 2012 by Citizens for Safety in partnership with the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Mass. Dept. of Public Safety, Harvard School of Public Health, Suffolk County District Attorney, and Boston community-based organizations.