Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Refusing to Leave the Scene When He Had the Chance Leaves One Unruly Suspect Wishing He Had


At about 2:45 AM, Sunday, February 2, 2014, officers from District A-1 (Downtown) arrested a disorderly male in the area of 21 Edinboro Street (Moon Villa Restaurant).

On arrival, officers observed two groups pushing and shoving each other at the entrance of the restaurant. Upon seeing the altercation, officers immediately intervened and separated the combatants. With the groups separated, officers informed both groups, that in light of their poor behavior, both groups needed to vacate the area. While one group left the area cooperatively and without complaint, the other group (consisting of three males) remained on scene and refused to leave. Moreover, one member of the group stated that they weren’t leaving until they had a chance to eat at the restaurant. At this point, officers instructed the individual that, again, given their earlier unruly behavior, eating at the restaurant was no longer an option. As the group began to walk away, one of the individuals came back to the scene to argue his case with the officers. Upon his return, the suspect again demanded that he be allowed to eat at the restaurant and, in an effort to amplify his point, the suspect began to verbally disrespect and disparage the officers. After, again, being told to leave the area or face arrest, the suspect, becoming increasingly more aggressive and hostile, refused and began to physically threaten the officers. When officers approached the suspect in an effort handcuff him, the suspect began to pushing and shoving the officer. After a brief struggle, officers were able to place the suspect under arrest.

 Arrested was Felix Pujols, 24, of Dorchester. Pujols is charged with Assault & Battery on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest.