Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Stealing Submarine Sandwiches Lands Two Armed Suspects in Police Custody


At about 8:53pm, on Wednesday, February 5, 2014, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to a radio call for an armed robbery in the area of Copeland & Waverly Streets. While en route to the call, the police dispatcher provided descriptions of the suspects seen fleeing the area after committing the robbery. According to the victim, he was delivering food when four black males approached him, with one of the four displaying a firearm, and robbed him of four submarine sandwiches. A search of the area enabled officers to observe two individuals matching the description of the suspects in the area of Walnut Ave & Fenno Street. Upon seeing the suspects, officers promptly exited their marked police cruiser and asked the suspects to stop. However, instead of stopping, the suspects quickened their pace and ran into a building on Fenno Street. Officers, following behind them, were able to detain the suspects in the front hallway of the building. In the best interests of officer safety, officers conducted a pat frisk of the suspects for the presence of weapons, however, no weapons were found inside the location. However, officers did locate and observe two submarine sandwiches still warm to the touch. A search of immediate area outside the location enabled officers to see and take possession of a firearm found in the snow.

After being positively identified by the victim, the suspects were taken into police custody.  

Officers arrested a 15 year-old male of Boston and a 16 year-old male of Boston and charged both with Armed Robbery.