One Less Gun: Officers Arrest Two and Recover Two Guns in Dorchester


At about 1:34 AM, Saturday, March 8, 2014, officers assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force arrested two individuals found carrying illegal firearms in the area of Carmen Street and Radcliffe Street in Dorchester.

While on patrol in the area of Boyden St. and Woodrow Ave., officers observed a motor vehicle without a valid inspection sticker occupied by two males. As officers proceeded to follow behind the vehicle, they observed the vehicle pass through a stop sign without stopping. As officers activated their emergency equipment (lights and sirens), the operator refused to stop the vehicle. While pursuing the vehicle in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop, the operator passed through numerous sets of traffic signals and stop signs without stopping the vehicle. Upon passing through the intersection of Harvard St. and Radcliffe St., the vehicle accelerated to a high rate of speed. While continuing the pursuit, officers observed objects being thrown from the passenger’s side of the vehicle in the area of 80 Radcliffe St. The vehicle finally came to a stop in the area of Radcliffe St. and Carmen St. As officers approached the vehicle, they observed that the rear passenger’s side window was down. Officers placed the individuals under arrest. Officers canvassed the area and were able to locate two firearms and ammunition.

Rickie Thompson, 29, of Mattapan and Lino Cook, 22, of Dorchester were arrested and charged with Possession of a Loaded Gun, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.