One Less Gun: Officers Arrest Two and Recover One Illegal Firearm as Result of Investigation in Dorchester

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At about 4:55 PM on Wednesday, March 12, 2014, detectives assigned to District B-3 (Mattapan) attempted to execute an arrest warrant in the area of 190 Fairmount Street in Dorchester as a result of an incident that occurred earlier that morning involving a shooting near 317 Fuller Street in Dorchester.

Upon arrival in the area of 190 Fairmount Street, detectives knocked and announced their presence at the front door.  After several minutes passed, and detectives made multiple attempts to make contact with the resident of the home, the target of the arrest warrant finally appeared at the front door.  The target was accompanied by his girlfriend who was carrying a baby in a car seat, and a diaper bag hung from her shoulder.  While the detectives placed the target under arrest, the girlfriend hurried past the officers to a vehicle parked in the driveway, threw the diaper bag in the back, and placed the baby in the backseat.  The girlfriend then quickly jumped in the driver’s seat and attempted to start the vehicle. 

Due to the nature of the charges on the arrest warrant and the unusually long delay by the residents at the front door, detectives believed the female may be attempting to remove evidence from the house.  Further investigation revealed that the target had placed a black semi-automatic firearm, a plastic bag containing several pieces of a beige rock-like substance believed to be cocaine, and drug paraphernalia in a blue shopping bag inside the baby’s diaper bag and told the female to leave quickly.

Twenty-three-year-old Jean G.Toussaint of Dorchester was placed under arrest by virtue of the arrest warrant for various firearm charges.  His girlfriend and mother of his child, 24-year-old Jessica Butler of Dorchester, was placed under arrest for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B Substance.  The baby was placed in the grandmother’s custody, and a further investigation will ensue.

As a result of an increased focus on areas and individuals believed to be involved in either drug or gang-related activities, the Boston Police Department was able to continue its crackdown on the possession of illegal guns. The recently seized firearms bring the total number of firearms seized in the City of Boston this year (2014) to over 110. The total number of illegal firearms taken off city streets in 2013 was 667.

Said Police Commissioner William B. Evans, “Here we have an incident where a young woman was asked to hold a gun and drugs for her boyfriend. She now faces criminal charges for both the possession of the gun and drugs found in her bag.  This type of behavior is exactly what the brave women of LIPSTICK are looking to stop.”