Officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) Take Home Top Prize at the 8th Annual Dot Chili Cook Off!!!

Photo courtesy of BPDNEWS

Bragging Rights: Kudos and congratulations are certainly in order for the officers of District C-11 in Dorchester. The winner of the 8th Annual Dot Chili Cook Off was recently crowned and the crown sits firmly atop the heads of the officers assigned to the District C-11 Community Service Office.  According to Captain Sexton, the 1st place finish came courtesy of a wickedly delicious bowl of Beef & Chorizo Chili. All the proceeds from the fundraising effort will be used to help defray the costs associated with the Dorchester Day Parade. Said Captain Sexton: “I’m really proud of my officers. And, while it was certainly great to see them take home the top prize for best chili, I’m most proud of the fact that – whether it’s a chili contest or a pick-up basketball game – the officers from C-11 are always quick to get involved when the chance to better our community presents itself.” Pictured in the photo – going left to right starting with the top row: Sgt. John Burns, Captain Sexton, Officer Timmy Golden. 2nd row going right to left: Officer Mike Keaney, Tram Tran, Cathia Xavier and Lieu Ngyuen.