Boston Police Commissioner Speaks with Channel 7 News Reporter Kayna Whitworth About His Passion for Running

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Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans joined Kayna Whitworth of Channel 7 News for a conversation and a jog this Sunday morning to gain insight into the Commissioner’s feelings on last year’s Boston Marathon events, the upcoming anniversary, and his own running regimen and love of the sport. Commissioner Evans told Kayna, “I sort of joke and say I’m more of a runner than I am a policeman, but I have a good mixture of both. Running allows me to get a lot of steam off of my plate. In our job, men and women see a lot of things and deal with a lot of stressful incidents. I think it’s a good relief for any profession, whether you’re in nursing or a firefighter. We need to make sure we’re not only physically fit, but mentally fit, and that’s what running does for me.”