IN THE NEWS: Great Story in today's Globe about Sgt. Shawn Burns & the Friendship Formed in the Days after the Attack

Globe photo courtesy of Wendy Maeda

IN THE NEWS: Thanks to the Globe’s Evan Allen for her heartfelt story in today’s newspaper which chronicles the actions taken by Boston Police Sergeant Shawn Burns in his efforts to provide aid, care and comfort to those injured during the attack on last year’s Marathon. While many have said Shawn’s actions that day were nothing short of heroic, Shawn – on the other hand - would be quick to say that he was simply doing his job. Either way, there’s a young woman – injured that day - who says Sgt. Shawn Burns saved her life. In looking back on that day, Shawn offered the following: “I wasn’t sure if she was going to live or not. You think, that injury, that’s a battle wound. Soldiers get it in the military. I was saying to myself, if this is going happen here in the street, I want to make sure she’s not going to be alone.” (Photo courtesy of Wendy Maeda)

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