Paying to Tribute to Boston Police Officer Dennis Simmonds

Photo courtesy of BPDNews

Tonight in Randolph, hundreds of heavy hearted Boston Police Officers solemnly turned out to pay their respects to a young officer who was admired and respected by all who knew him. Said Superintendent-in-Chief Willie Gross: “The officers who turned out for Dennis tonight did so because of who he was and how he conducted himself. Simply put, Dennis was a great cop and even greater guy. He was a model officer who loved everything about being a cop. He cared about his community. He cared about making a difference and he cared about his fellow brother officers. And tonight, they turned out to honor him.” The Funeral Mass for Officer Simmonds will be held tomorrow, Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 11:00am at the First Baptist Church at 519 North Main Street (Rte. 28) in Randolph.