BPD Recognizes Two Really Great Samaritans in Dorchester

BPD Recognizes Two Really Great Samaritans: A little more than three months ago, Walter ‘Buddy’ Blinn was minding his own business pumping gas at the Citgo Gas Station at 741 Morrissey Blvd in Dorchester when a car entered the gas station, rear-ended another vehicle that ultimately struck Blinn and pinned his legs between the car and a metal barrier. Within minutes of the accident, two Good Samaritans jumped into action and provided Blinn with care, comfort and support until police, fire and EMS were able to arrive on the scene. Some say that care and support may have saved Buddy Blinn’s life. Tonight, at the Clam Point Civic Association meeting, Buddy Blinn got a chance to say thank you to the two individuals who rushed to his aid. Tonight, Buddy Blinn got a chance to thank Carollyne Post and Dominic Birrittieri. Said Blinn, “I can’t thank them enough.” 

Said District C-11 Captain Richard Sexton, who presented both Post and Birrittieri with plaques of appreciation, “We’re fortunate to have a neighborhood filled with great people who care and look out for one another on a daily basis. People helping people is the key to any strong community. And, thanks to Carollynne (Post) and Dominic (Birrittieri), we have one of the best communities in the city.”