One Less Gun: Officers Recover A Firearm Inside a Grill in Roxbury

At about 11:03 PM on Friday, May 16, 2014, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) recovered a firearm in the area of 74 Bower Street.

While on patrol, the officers observed two males walking on Bower Street toward Walnut Avenue. The officers immediately recognized one of the individuals who is known to the Commonwealth. The officers exited their department vehicle to engage in conversation. While one officer was speaking to the two individuals, a second officer proceeded to a common courtyard where the two individual were seen exiting prior to the officers approach. Officers discovered a loaded .38 Smith and Wesson Special, inside a grill, within the courtyard.  The officer alerted his partner to the presence of the firearm and both males were handcuffed for officer safety.  A Boston Police K-9 partner arrived on scene and conducted an additional sweep of the area for the presence of additional weapons and none were found.  Both males were informed of their Miranda Rights and subsequently denied ever being in possession of the firearm or placing the firearm in the grill.  Both males were identified and released. The firearm and ammunition were seized.