Boston Police Initiate Sticker Campaign in Fenway Neighborhood

Boston Police Community Service Officers in District D-4 (South End) have found a new way to reach out to residents and visitors regarding car breaks in the Fenway neighborhood—stickers!

In collaboration with the BPD Neighborhood Crime Watch Unit and the Boston Transportation Department, D-4 community service officers have begun a sticker campaign in response to the following statistics for car breaks. The stats show that, despite a 14% citywide decrease in Larceny from Motor Vehicle incidents during 2013 versus 2012, District D-4 remained the most active district in the city for this crime. In fact, 54% of all breaks in 2013 on D-4 occurred in the Kenmore Square/Fenway area. 

The supervisor of the District D-4 Community Service Office Sergeant Luke Taxter emphasizes that numbers like these are avoidable. Sergeant Taxter reports, “This is a crime of opportunity. Thieves aren't breaking into random cars. People are leaving valuables in plain view within their cars and becoming victimized.”

In order to reduce the number of break-ins to cars parked in the Fenway area, officers have taken action to raise motorists’ awareness by placing yellow “Leave It and Lose It!” stickers on parking meters. These stickers remind motorists to lock their cars and not to leave their keys in the ignition and car idling. They also advise those parking their vehicles to remove any personal property in plain view, including cell phones, GPS devices, and loose change.

Sergeant Taxter points out that, although officers actively and stringently patrol these areas, the police need the community’s assistance in raising awareness and safe-guarding against victimization. The BPD plans to monitor the campaign for at least three months, and later expand it across the district pending its success.